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Everyone looks forward to summer for one reason or another. Whether it is for the warm weather, vacation, or for certain events. This summer has already been shaping up to be a great one, with multiple events in different motorsports segments have already excited and entertained enthusiasts across the country. Take a look at just a few of the events that have helped kick off the summer of 2018 so far...


NMRA Maple Grove


Sondra Leslie The talk of Maple Grove was the debut of Sondra Leslie in Limited Street. Putting the entire class on notice immediately, she cracked off a 9.37 at 140mph right off the trailer in her brand new Mustang LX. This was the signal to the rest of the pack in Limited Street that she and her Vortech Supercharged Fox Body mean business.

From there, Sondra and tuner Ken Bjonnes of Palm Beach Dyno continued to zero in on the tuneup in the car, ultimately resulting in an eyebrow raising 8.93 @ just 144mph. This is notable as Sondra is only the 4th racer in the class to break into the 8's in Limited Street. This is sure to just keep improving as well, and even better times will put her in easy contention for the winner's circle in upcoming events.The 1986 Mustang LX is powered by a MPR Race Engines Coyote 5.0 utilizing a Vortech V-2 Ti Supercharger with Air-to-Air Charge Cooler. When pressed for power numbers of the new combination, Leslie and Bjonnes were tight-lipped and are keeping the chassis dyno results a secret...for now.


Chad Wendel
Also breaking into the 8 second zone in Limited Street at Maple Grove was Chad Wendel in his Paxton NOVI 2200 Supercharged Coyote 5.0L powered 2007 Mustang. Chad turned in an impressive 8.967 @ 149.27, which garnered him the #3 qualifying spot.Chad spent the rest of the event powering through each opponent on his side of the bracket until he earned himself a place in the finals against a very tough opponent in Kelly Shotwell. There, Wendel put the all the power down, launched hard and rode a monster bumper dragging wheel stand for 150’, allowing Shotwell to slip by Wendel and take his 3rd consecutive win in the class.


Nikki FrostNikki Frost and her V-7 JT-B Supercharged 2013 Mustang GT continues to improve with each outing. At Maple Grove, Frost turned in an 8.284 @ 163.39 qualifying run before meeting up with #1 Qualifier John Kauderer in eliminations.Look for some exciting changes coming up soon with the Magnaflow/Vortech sponsored Coyote, with continued success to follow.

 Terry ReevesStill the fastest supercharged 2018 Mustang GT on the planet, Terry Reeves continues to ratchet that record ever closer to the 8 second milestone. At Maple Grove, Terry rocketed the 10-Speed Automatic car to a 9.21 E.T. @ 154.62 mph. How much longer can the 8 second barrier resist being broken? We are betting not for long, with the efficient boost from Terry's V-7 YSi-B Supercharger feeding that MMR-built Coyote engine!


LS-Fest West - Las Vegas, NV

LS-Powered vehicles of all types converged on the Las Vegas Motor Speedway for the 2nd Annual LS-Fest West festivities. Three solid days of all manner of vehicle-related madness...as long as it is LS-powered, it was probably represented. Here are a few of the Vortech Supercharged highlights from the event.

Adrian Martinez from Modern Day Hot Rods brought out his sick LS-Swapped and Vortech V-2 Ti Supercharged 1967 Nova SS to spend some time with us in our booth. The beautiful car garnered non-stop attention at the event, and was a great example of the Vortech LS-Swap Supercharger Systems.

Dennis from A&A Corvette brought out their C7 Grand Sport shop car. Supercharged with a polished Vortech/A&A V-2 Ti Supercharging System, the car has drop dead good looks and 700+ horsepower on tap with conservative boost pressure. Got a C5, C6, or C7 Corvette that needs some boost? A&A Corvette is your source for a Vortech system that will meet and exceed  whatever your power goals may be.

Dynospeed Racing was kind enough to bring their 2009 C6 Corvette by the Vortech booth for a bit, as well as enter the car into the Vortech-sponsored Late Model Heads Up drag racing class...which they won! (As well as fastest Corvette)

In addition to the vendor midway and drag racing, there was also a car show, dirt track racing, trophy truck jumping, burnout competitions, autocross, and drifting. Our friend Matt Field was there doing demonstrations with his LS-powered and Vortech V-7 YSi-B Supercharged S14, which was his competition car from last season.

We also found Aaron Sly's Vortech V-3 Ti Supercharged Top Drift Competition car while walking around the show. Sly was also one of the most impressive and consistent cars during the drift exhibition, which comes as no surprise considering the efficient boost and power on tap from this setup.

We also found this sweet Paxton/East Coast Supercharging 5th Gen Camaro SS while walking the event as well. If you are looking for a Paxton Supercharged setup for your 5th Gen Camaro, or C5, C6, or C7 Corvette, then East Coast Supercharging is the best way to go. They have packages for virtually any horsepower level, and the expertise to point you in the right direction with your LS or LT powered package.


Formula Drift Round 2: Scorched in Orlando

Vortech Supercharged Team Falken "Frienemies" Matt Field & Aurimas "Odi" Bakchis rolled into Orlando looking to lay down some great runs, and have plenty of tire smoking, sideways fun. It is no surprise to anyone that on that front, both drivers succeeded quite nicely.Matt Field unloaded his car on Thursday morning and on his very first lap he was able to stick the bumper on the wall and ride the entire bank with confidence, so the weekend of competition was definitely looking up for him.To maximize the test runs during practice, Matt and Odi decided to do some simulation battles during practice. A lead run and a follow run, back to back with no adjustments between runs, just like a competition battle.With the hard practice runs under their belt, both drivers ended the day with more knowledge they could then apply to the upcoming competition. They also were able to start the following day knowing both cars were in good, strong shape for the weekend.Qualifying saw Odi and Matt landing in 7th and 10th place (respectively), with chances looking good for the eliminations to come. Round 1 saw Odi Bakchis defeating Kevin Lawrence, and Matt Field getting a bye run from Jeff Jones, who was not able to compete due to a broken transmission. Both drivers would advance to Top 16.One situation you never want to see anywhere but in the finals with multiple drivers on the same team is a head to head elimination, because that always means that no matter what, one member of the team will be eliminating the other member of the team. Never a good thing, but exactly what happened to our 2 heroes in Top 16. Matt Vs. Odi, but unlike the practice battles, it was for real this time!The head to head turned out to be a wild one, with the cars making contact on the first battle, and the judges calling for "one more time".On the second run, during Matt's transition coming off the bank, the car snapped back in the wrong direction and was an error that turned out to be too much to overlook by the judges, even after Odi debeaded a tire on his follow run and finished the run on 3 tires. Odi would emerge victorious and move on to The Great 8 to face the nearly unstoppable James Deane, where his weekend would also come to an end too soon.


Keep your eyes on this Vortech Supercharged Blog for more updates on exciting race action that will continue to heat up the summer!


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