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For Ford fans, one Sunday a year sees Buena Park, CA turn into their compulsory must-visit destination. Blue Oval enthusiasts from all over the country come out for the Fabulous Fords Forever event at Knott's Berry Farm. Whether your preference is cars or trucks, classic or late model, carbureted or EFI, there are plenty of them to come and check out at this event. Here are just some of the Vortech and Paxton Supercharged highlights that we found while walking around the show.It comes as no surprise that the Vortech and Paxton Superchargers booth was one of the most popular spots at the show. Helping you learn about how efficient boost from a Vortech or Paxton Supercharger can benefit your ride is our specialty, and what we love to do.


JBA Speed Shop out of San Diego brought these gorgeous Vortech/JBA Supercharged Shelby GT350s to park with us in the Vortech booth. While some other supercharger brands have had multiple issues with their systems for the GT350, that is absolutely not the case with the efficient boost from a Vortech Supercharger. These 2 cars have over 20,000 and over 30,000 miles on them (respectively), with a large part of both of those being clocked while racing on the track, and have had absolutely no issues whatsoever. Contact JBA Speed Shop for your Vortech/JBA GT350 Supercharging System today.


Another partner we were lucky enough to have come and park with us in our booth are the Panther performance specialists at ADTR. These guys are the place to go to for parts and Supercharging Systems for Crown Victorias, Grand Marquis, Towncars, and Marauders. If you have one of these cars, you need to go to ADTR.net.


Our friend Jay from Mustang Depot brought out his amazing Sinister 65 Mustang all the way from Las Vegas to park with us in the Paxton booth. We've been admiring this car for years, so we were extra excited to be able to feature the car in our own booth this year. Don't forget to go to MustangDepot.com for anything you need for your Mustang, from 1964-2018.


Debuting at the Fabulous Fords show was the new look of the widebody S550 from @libertywalkmustang. What used to be Race Red has been replaced by a beautiful gloss grey wrap from Impressive Wrap. Sitting low and wide, this S550 looks mean and now embodies the image of street shark. Cue the theme to Jaws.


One of TWO Supercharged 2018 Mustang GTs in our booth this year, this beautiful Lightning Blue Performance Package GT belongs to Mike from @hardcorestangs. Mike has big plans for this car, and it has only just begun its modifications. Stay tuned to his IG to see this car as it progresses.


One of the crowd favorites was definitely @miss_midnight_maverick's Vortech V-1 S-Trim Supercharged 9 second street car. We appreciate seeing one of these cars built right, and judging by the amount of people gathered around the car all day long, we aren't the only ones!


Mike @s197mike07 and his Screaming Yellow 3V S197 GT came out to park with us in the Vortech booth. Mike's setup features a V-3 Si Supercharger and the Vortech/Paxton massive air/air charge cooler setup, which works great for him when he takes his car out to the track on weekends for some open track racing.


This Vortech V-1 Supercharged and Bob Kurgan tuned '93 Cobra owned by @hss_svt was at the entrance to the snake pit, and was looking pretty mean. The dyno sheet shows the car making 483rwhp & 473rwtq.


We spotted Stephanie @rawr_5oh's bagged & boosted S550 GT looking great, as usual. Special thanks and photo credit to Gaeb @ Venom Photoworx for the excellent shots!


@boosted_newedge's 2002 Mustang GT features a Paxton NOVI 2200SL Supercharger and air/air charge cooler, and good supporting mods to make his car both fast and functional.


You may recognize Patrick @fearthevert's convertible Fox from the previous year's Vortech/Paxton booth at Fabulous Fords. Patrick has continued to modify the car, and the Paxton NOVI 1200SL supercharged and Vortech/Maxflow air/water charge cooled setup looks excellent in that engine bay.


Bright red, bagged, and boosted, @justalow5.0's Paxton NOVI 2200SL Supercharged 2014 Race Red Mustang GT grabbed our attention from quite a distance.


Jose @garagesalerawesome brought out his V-3 Si Supercharged Competition Orange 2015 GT. Many of you will recognize this S550, as it has been featured in many of our ads over the last few years. However, it is wearing new shoes this time around, courtesy of Velgen Wheels.


It is always awesome seeing an original Vortech Supercharged Saleen S351 Mustang.


Our friends at GTR High Performance introduced us to Nick @pony_bohle and his V-3 Si Supercharged 1993 Mustang GT. Nice car Nick, enjoy that boosted Fox!


This sweet Fastback Mustang was looking good with a polished finish Paxton NOVI 1500 carbureted supercharging system under the hood.


This black BOSS 302 was boosted via a polished finish Paxton NOVI 2200SL system.


This flamed New Edge beauty has a Paxton NOVI 2000 System under the hood with air/air charge cooler. Fun fact, this car used to belong to Paxton back in the early 2000's, and was affectionately known in-house as "The Cheeto".


The other 2018 Mustang GT from the Vortech booth is this Magnetic Grey Performance Pack car, featuring a Black Finish Vortech V-3 Si Supercharger. The 2018 Mustang Systems are available in Satin, Polished, and Black, to match whatever your underhood appearance is your preference.


This flamed Fox Body LX Hatch is supercharged with a Vortech V-2 Si Supercharger and a Vortech/Maxflow air/water Charge Cooler.


@carbondriven's widebody targa top S550 GT never fails to get massive attention everywhere it stops, but it is much harder to catch while it's moving thanks to the Vortech V-3 Si Supercharger System under the hood.


This clean LX Notchback had a polished Vortech V-1 Ti unit under the hood providing the boost.


Something about seeing a Bullitt Mustang in the original Dark Highland Green just feels right. This 2001 model was sporting a Satin Finish Vortech V-2 S-Trim non-cooled system.


This 3V S197 Saleen Mustang is running a V-2 T-Trim and air/water charge cooler under the hood.


Vortech V-2 Supercharged Fox Body Mustang GT.


 Gaeb @mypro5.0's Vortech V-7 JT Supercharged S550 was looking clean & mean in the Centerline Wheels booth. Thanks and photo credit to Venom Photoworx for the shot.


@mike.hill.1460 and his Vortech V-2 Si Supercharged and Air/Water Charge Cooled New Edge GT Convertible came up from San Diego for the event.


This Blue LX Notchback Mustang from @gearheads213 features a Vortech V-2 S-Trim Supercharger with a custom air/air charge cooler.


@adtrperformance also brought out "Casper", their Vortech V-3 Si Supercharged Crown Victoria Police Interceptor. If you have a Crown Vic in need of some boost, give ADTR.net a call, or look them up online!


Bob's 1957 Custom 300 Tudor Sedan is a real treat to have at the show. This Paxton NOVI 1200 Supercharged setup looks amazing under the hood of this classic Ford.


We have seen Junior's New Edge Mustang GT continue to evolve over the years and get more and more wild with each iteration. Running a Paxton NOVI 1200SL and a custom Air/Air Charge Cooler, the car is also sitting very wide and very low.


This Red LX Notchback Mustang from @gearheads213 was ready to make some power with a Vortech V-1 Supercharger and Mondo Bypass Valve under the hood.


@garagemonkeydesigns True Blue 2001 Bullitt Mustang is an Optima Ultimate Street Car competitor, and with the Vortech V-3 Si and custom air/air charge cooler under the hood, we are sure he has plenty of power to compete with.


Tom @gator_fontech's Paxton NOVI 2200 Supercharged and Air/Air Charge cooled Legend Lime 3V S197 convertible is nicknamed "Gator".


This Silver LX Notchback from @gearheads213 is Vortech V-3 SCi Supercharged and has a Vortech/Maxflow Mondo Bypass Valve, along with some custom blue pieces under the hood.


This Redfire Metallic SN95 4V Cobra is V-1 Supercharged and looks to be very well maintained.


This 1956 Ford Fairlane featured an original Paxton ball-driven supercharger system.


This Reef Blue LX Convertible Mustang from Midtown Motors is running a Vortech V-3 SCi system in Satin Finish under the hood.


This Coyote 5.0L California Special Mustang was mega blacked out on the outside, with a heart of Satin Finish Vortech V-3 Si Supercharged goodness.


2001 Dark Highland Green Bullitt Mustang with a Satin Finish Non-Cooled Vortech V-3 Si Supercharger System under the hood.


Sergio and Jimmy from Vortech enjoying the show.


Even though it seems that someone lost their monkey at the show, he doesn't seem to mind...he's happy as ever just hanging around all the awesome Fords at the show. We hope you enjoyed the show as much as he did (and we did). See you again next year!


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    I’m the owner of the reef blue convertible (thanks for the awesome photos) was wandering what it takes to be in the vortech booth for next years fabulous fords show?

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