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There is so much going on this summer, it is almost too hard to keep up with it all! Drag Racing, Drifting, Car Shows, and all manner of Motorsports events are popping off all over the country, and we hope you are doing your part to enjoy as much of it as possible. Here are just a few of the events that Vortech and Paxton have been able to check out in the last few weeks.


No Excuses Grudgefest - Shadyside Dragway

David & Tracy Pearson and their "Little Evil" Mustang are definitely a force to be reckoned with at every event they attend. However, in the 275/28 class at the No Excuses Grudgefest at Shadyside Dragway in Shelby, NC, the Vortech V-30 128A Supercharged Fox Body was taking no prisoners.

The Pearsons and Little Evil tore through the field, putting multiple car lengths between them and every single opponent by the 1/8th mile marker in each and every race.

In the finals, Pearson met the nitrous powered Camaro of Jason Richards, and the Vortech Supercharged Small Block Ford put any question of the absolute dominance of Little Evil to rest in a serious way. Congratulations to the Pearsons and Little Evil Racing on the commanding win, and a job well done.

Thanks and photo/video credit to Cheyenne and Spoold Media.


Formula Drift Round 4 - New Jersey

Round 4 of this season's competition just happened to be the 100th Round of Formula Drift, so big things were expected for such a momentous occasion. The Wall Speedway in New Jersey has challenges that can prove unnerving to even the most seasoned drivers. It requires a certain balance to hit the oval with enough speed to carry you through without dropping into the infield, but not so much that you come in intimate contact with the very thing the track is named for - The Wall. Due to the way the guardrail is setup, and with FD running the oval in reverse, tapping the wall here can lead to the back of your car being sucked in and eaten by the wall itself.


Ryan Litteral
Ryan Litteral and the Vortech V-7 YSi Supercharged Koru Works 350Z came to New Jersey up to the challenges of The Wall course, and qualified 19th. However, in Top 32 they were matched up with a juggernaut in the form of 2017 Formula Drift Rookie of the Year Piotr Wiecek. Wiecek and his Worthouse Nissan advanced, but not without a valiant showing from Litteral and the Koru Works Team.


Aurimas "Odi" BakchisBakchis and his Vortech V-7 Supercharged Nissan S14 was grabbing attention early in New Jersey, claiming the #2 Qualifying spot and behind the top spot by the narrowest of margins at just 3 points.Bakchis continued to show his comfort with the New Jersey besting Matt Vankirk in Top 16, and Dai Yoshihara in The Great 8. In the Final 4, Odi would meet the 2017 Formula Drift Champion James Deane.The Final 4 battle saw Bakchis and Deane going toe to toe, with Odi's comfort at the track pushing the defending champ as hard as he could. The judges called for "One More Time", and Deane was forced to use a five minute technical time out to make repairs to his car. In the end, despite Bakchis fighting hard and giving Deane a run for his money, the judges decided the defending champ would advance to the finals.

Matt FieldMatt Field has spent the majority of the 2018 season thusfar dialing in his Vortech V-7 YSi-B Supercharged C6 Corvette, which is an all new platform for him. The dialing in process has not been pain-free either, with Field suffering a hard crash in Atlanta during Round 3.Matt thrives on adversity though, and coming off the mishap in Round 3 he was ready to bounce back in a big way. His impressive qualifying runs earned him a score of 92, which was good enough for the #5 qualifying spot. Field then proceeded to climb past Jeff Jones in Top 32, Ryan Tuerck in Top 16, and faced off against Forrest Wang in The Great 8.During Matt's chase lap against Forrest Wang, as if history attempted to repeat itself in tragic fashion, Wang hit the brakes before the decel zone and Matt could not see through the smoke, causing another collision for Field. The judges ruled the off-timed braking by Wang was cause to give the round to Field, and the contact damage was not enough to prevent Field from advancing to the Final 4 to meet Justin Pawlak.Matt matching up against Falken teammate (and #1 Qualifier) Justin Pawlak in the Final 4 saw the classic Ford Vs. Chevy American Muscle Car battle. The two went door to door and both gave it their all, with a close enough fight for the judges to demand a "One More Time" before finally awarding the win to Matt Field, and his first trip to the Finals with his new Corvette.It was a truly epic battle that was hard fought by both drivers, and even as the crowd continued to shout for "One More Time", the judges awarded the victory to James Deane. Even Deane himself could not account for the win, stating "In the end, it was a super-close battle against Matt Field in the Final and I don’t know what gave us the decision but I’ll take it.” Both drivers finished off the 100th Round celebration with tandem donuts worthy of the day.When the smoke cleared, it was an all-Falken podium with James Deane taking 1st, Matt Field 2nd, and Justin Pawlak edging out Aurimas "Odi" Bakchis for the #3 spot on the podium due to Pawlak's #1 Qualifying spot.A podium spot in only 4 races after changing to a completely new platform is quite an achievement, but it is likely to only make Matt Field more hungry. We are extremely excited to see how this is going to manifest itself at the next round in Seattle.

Photos courtesy of 9NINE2, FormulaD.com, Larry Chen, and HotRod.com


NMRA National Trail - Hebron, OH

Sondra Leslie
Limited Street is a new class for this year, but has been getting a good portion of attention, thanks in part to the addition of exciting additions to the class like Sondra Leslie and her 1985 Coyote-Powered and Vortech Ti Supercharged Mustang.Leslie shot into the #2 Qualifying spot with a 8.81 @ 154mph, and proceeded with no mercy, taking out Kent Nine, Jay Misener, and Ben Calimer in Rounds 1-3 of eliminations, setting both the Low E.T. and Top Speed Records along the way at 8.673 E.T. and 158.24mph, respectively.In the Finals, Sondra was narrowly edged out by Michael Ciborowski, turning in a losing 8.814 @ 154.44 to Ciborowski's winning 8.729 @ 155.52. Keep your eyes on Sondra Leslie going into Joliet next month, as she is sure to keep pushing the Limited Street field to new levels of excitement!


Keep your eyes on the Vortech Blog for more non-stop, Supercharged action this summer!


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