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There are shows and events that we look forward to attending every year, and the American Muscle Mustang Show at Maple Grove Raceway in Pennsylvania is definitely one of our favorites. Thousands of Mustangs in one single place, as far as the eye can see in multiple directions, with most body styles and powerplants represented. For a Mustang fan, apart from opening up the quarter mile track to all attendees, what more could you ask for? We were there, taking in all the Blue Oval goodness for another fantastic year. Here are just some of the Vortech and Paxton Supercharged Mustangs in attendance that we found walking around the show.It comes as no surprise that one of the busiest places at the show was the Vortech & Paxton Superchargers Booth.The traffic was non-stop all day, with a mixture of enthusiasts telling us how much they love their Vortech or Paxton setups, and potential new customers learning about why efficient boost makes a difference compared to the other forced induction options that are out there on the market.

Was there really a Vortech Supercharged 2018 5.0L GT at the show? With the 10-Speed Automatic transmission? Yes, there absolutely was! Mike @mmacs550's 2018 GT makes over 700rwhp on pump gas, runs low 10's with ease, and was kind enough to park with us to be part of our display at the event. Do you have a 2018 5.0L GT in need of some boost? You literally cannot get better than the Vortech V-3 JT or Paxton NOVI 2200SL Systems for these cars. Get yours on order today!


Seeing a real Shelby SAAC Mk I in person is a rare sight indeed, but seeing one of the only factory Vortech Supercharged SAAC's in existence is the holy grail! This Mk I was formerly the personal car of a Shelby Engineer (who will remain nameless), and even though the majority of these cars have spent their lives being kept in a bubble and rubbed with a diaper, it makes us proud to say this SAAC has been driven and enjoyed as Carroll himself intended.


Keeping with the ultra-rare factory Vortech Supercharged Mustang theme, take a look at this 1999 Saleen S351 Coupe. This car is #23 of only 46 S351s produced total for the 1999 model year. Producing 550HP courtesy of the Vortech V-1 S-Trim Supercharged 351W engine, the S351 was one of the baddest cars around at the time.


It doesn't get much more rare than 1-of-1, and Chip Foose's "World's Hottest Mustang" is just that. Created as the grand prize in a giveaway contest by BF Goodrich Tires, this 2005 GT produced 462 HP courtesy of its Vortech V-2 Si Supercharged and Maxflow Air-to-Water Charge Cooled 4.6L 3V engine.


Jon @jon_5oh's Paxton NOVI 2200SL Supercharged 5.0 Mustang was looking gorgeous in the Kooks Headers Booth. The car is super clean, and one of our favorite S197 Coyotes from the show.


Nick @nick438w, Kris @paxtonpwr, Kyle, and the guys from All Out Auto brought out their Vortech V-7 Supercharged 2015 Mustang GT to display with us in the Vortech and Paxton Superchargers booth.


Mike @project_ruby_coupe's Notchback Fox has some really nice touches done to help it stand out, including the gold stepped-lip wheels, and the custom body matching air inlet and discharge tubes from the Vortech V-1 Ti Supercharged setup under the hood.


Wes was one of the first people that came and talked to us at the show about how he loves his Paxton NOVI 2200 setup on his "1FAST3V" 2008 GT. Judging from his setup, he does indeed have himself a fast 3V.


Kyle @kyle_rajcevic's NOVI 2200SL Supercharged S550 was shined up, slammed to the ground, and looking sweet for the show.


  Calvin may have a very ironic IG name with @sonicbluecoyote, but he definitely has himself one gorgeous Paxton NOVI 2000 Supercharged 2001 Bullitt.


@bobbycap7's Vortech V-7 JT Supercharged S197 Coyote was looking mean in the VIP parking area.


Rod's Vortech V-2 Si Supercharged 3V S197 GT had a nice look, and some great parts to go with it.


We don't know how we missed @mustang_officer's Vortech V-3 Si Supercharged S550, but he was kind enough to send us a few from the show. A nice car built for a great cause.


Rebecca's customized 1991 GT was shined up and sporting a Vortech V-3 Supercharger System.


@m00seknuckle101 has carried his customized color scheme accurately throughout the entire car, from the outside to under the hood, where his Vortech V-3 Si Supercharger fits in nicely in the optional Black Finish.


The paperwork on display with this Vortech V-2 Supercharged and Air-to-Water Charge Cooled '96 Mystic Cobra showing it was #1588 out of 2000 Mystic Cobras produced.


Kevin's Vortech V-1 Supercharged 1993 Notchback was running a blacked-out theme under the hood with a custom air-to-air charge cooler.


No, this actually is not Jon's car posted again...it is actually another stunning Ruby Red S197 Coyote from the show, on bags with a Black Finish Paxton NOVI 2200SL System installed.


Triple Yellow S550 with lots of Black and/or Yellow accessories, including the Paxton NOVI 2200SL System in Black Finish.


This blue S281 Saleen featured a non-cooled Vortech V-2 Supercharging System under the hood.


Clean Black S197 3V on Shelby Razors with a Polished Finish Paxton NOVI 2200SL Charge Cooled System under the hood.


Nice looking Green LX Hatch on Welds with a Paxton NOVI 1200 Supercharger under the hood.


Our friends Brian @pokemasterbs5.0 & Melissa had their Paxton NOVI 2200SL Supercharged Coyote 5.0L posted up at the BBK Performance booth for the show.


Paxton NOVI 2200SL Supercharged & Charge Cooled Race Red S550 GT from New York.


White Vortech V-2 Supercharged 1993 Cobra making over 600rwhp, with the dyno sheet on display to prove it.


This Black Coyote 5.0 is Paxton NOVI 2200SL Supercharged and ready for some 1/4 mile duty.


New Edge Mustang GT with Satin Finish Vortech V-3 Si Supercharger & custom air-to-air intercooler.


This Magnetic Grey S550 has a Vortech V-7 JT lurking under the hood with 8-Rib Drive Upgrade. We didn't see a dyno sheet or speak to the owner, but it looks so clean and OEM with the Black Finish setup under the hood, you could almost overlook the fact that this car is likely making 700-800rwhp or more. Very cool car.


We found another Vortech V-7 JT Supercharged setup on this 2002 Saleen S281. This car may have started out life as a stylish but mild-mannered S281 Speedster, but it certainly is much more than that now.


Autumn's 1993 LX Hatchback has a Vortech V-1 SC-Trim with some nice upgrades under the hood.


Brett @grey_coyote5.0 and his V-3 Si Supercharged 2014 5.0L GT got a nice, shady spot under a tree...we're jealous!


Vortech V-2 Supercharged & custom air-to-air charge cooled Black 2001 Bullitt Mustang shining in the sun.


This Paxton NOVI 2200SL Supercharged Race Red S550 wants everyone to know that they have a "SXYFIVE0" on their hands.


A Vortech V-3 Supercharger System, a Boss Intake Manifold, and a set of Weld Wheels let us know that this Coyote 5.0 owner is up for some drag racing.


There is something so classic about an LX Fox Body with a Satin Finish Vortech V-1 System under the hood. It just looks and feels right.


Black S197 3V with a Satin Finish, Non-Cooled Vortech V-2 Si System.


We had gotten used to seeing this car in Southern California with the boys from Hillbank Motorsports, but it is good to see that the new owners have taken great care of Ashton's old Vortech V-3 Si Supercharged S197 Coyote.


A Polished Paxton NOVI 2200SL Supercharger System on a Silver Coyote is a pretty sweet combination.


Blue S550 GT with Paxton NOVI 2200SL boosted power.


White Coyote 5.0 with Paxton NOVI 2200SL power under the hood.


Red on White on White Fox Body Convertible with Vortech V-1 Supercharger setup. We can even see a white lightbar hiding under the convertible top.


A Legend Lime S197 V6 with a Shelby/Paxton NOVI 1200SL CS6 Supercharging System with air-to-water charge cooler under the hood.

Yellow New Edge Roush Mustang GT with air-to-water charge cooled Vortech V-1 setup boosting the power output.


A Red SN95 Cobra convertible sporting a Vortech V-1 System under the hood sounds like an excellent cruiser for a sunny day like today.


Chris brought out his 1991 Fox Body GT with ultra classic and well maintained Paxton ball-driven Supercharger setup under the hood.


We asked the gentleman in the first photo if this was his Vortech V-3 Si Supercharged 3V GT, to which he responded "No, my car is way over there." He must have either really like the car, or the shade of the tree the car was sitting under.


We wanted to ask the owner of this Vortech V-1 Supercharged Fox how he managed to get a perfect half-paperclip gouge cut into his intake manifold, but he wasn't around when we came by.


Well this is not something you see every day. Gorgeous Fox with a BIG turbo under the hood, with the boosted charge air being cooled down by a Vortech Mondo Igloo Air-to-Water Charge Cooler. Thanks for bringing it out for us to enjoy!


Vortech V-1 Supercharged & custom air-to-air charge cooled New Edge GT Convertible.


Vortech V-1 Supercharged Four-Eyed Fox Body LX Convertible.


That may not be all of the Vortech & Paxton Supercharged Mustangs from the event, but it is all the ones we found while walking around the show. If we missed you, send us an email at info@vortechsuperchargers.com with some pictures and "AM Show 2018" in the subject.


As always, the show was a ton of fun, and we had a blast. We already can't wait until next year!


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    Always a great time catching up with the vortech guys! Looking forward to seeing you all at mustang week soon!

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