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All car enthusiasts love a good chase scene, and some of us have even daydreamed about what it would be like to be in one of those epic chases, as either the getaway car or the pursuit vehicle. Well, one type of pursuit fantasy has been brought to life by the guys at DRAGG, with help from The Enthusiast Network. Take a Vortech Charge Cooled EcoBoost Police Car, a Coyote 5.0L-swapped BMW to chase, and throw in a plane and a helicopter on a real airport runway, and you have yourself some video gold!

This fun shoot was orchestrated by two Oxnard, California police officers, Sergeant Charles Woodruff and Sergeant Daniel Shrubb from the Drag Racing Against Gangs & Graffiti program. The DRAGG program is a non-profit afterschool program that helps at-risk youth channel their energies away from gangs and other delinquent activities, and instead teaches them automotive skills in a hands-on, shop-style environment. Woodruff said, “Our main push now is getting kids involved in the automotive industry instead of having them spend time on the streets getting into trouble. We want to push them to look at what’s out there for them, instead of going down the path that we see far too many of them taking.” When asked about the program’s success, Officer Woodruff continues “We’ve had a great response to the program. It started with the local schools and is now with the entire (Ventura) county. We give them lots of hands-on experience at different locations—there are six students out here today on this video shoot and we’re trying to incorporated them into the video. That’s the really cool part: not only are they in class learning to change oil and stuff like that, we also take them on tours to Vortech’s place, for instance, to show them why they need the math and computer skills.”

Shot at the Camarillo airport in Ventura County, California, and featuring professional race drivers “Officer Dan” Brockett at the helm of the Vortech-Charge Cooled S550, professional race driver Matt Coffman behind the wheel of the Coyote-swapped BMW; with some epic aerial photography and lots and lots of smoke, this video is sure to get you daydreaming about your own chase or getaway scene…


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