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Provided you have been on the internet in recent weeks, you have to have seen the video that is now a viral sensation of a Vortech Charge Cooled S550 Ecoboost Mustang Police car chasing a robbery suspect in a Coyote-Swapped BMW, drift style, in and around a Southern California airport. Overwhelming interest in the video has prompted us to do a follow up article, providing more information on the players, and the inspiration behind this fun chase video.

The concept of the video came from a collaboration between Sergeants Charles Woodruff and Daniel Shrubb of Drag Racing Against Gangs & Graffiti (DRAGG) and videographer Johnny Wilcox, in order to bring more attention to their rapidly expanding program to help teach kids about the dangers of gangs and general delinquent behavior. Started roughly seven years ago by Shrubb and Woodruff in Oxnard, CA, the program has now gone into multiple locations across the country, including Santa Barbara, CA, Las Vegas, NV, Dallas/Fort Worth, TX, and Rutherford County, TN. Woodruff said, “Our main push now is getting kids involved in the automotive industry instead of having them spend time on the streets getting into trouble. We want to push them to look at what’s out there for them, instead of going down the path that we see far too many of them taking.”

Click HERE for more information on the behind-the-scenes footage and information on this multi-day video production. Click HERE to learn more about Vortech's EcoBoost Charge Cooler upgrades.


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