Vortech Maxflow Carburetor Enclosure Box Assembly


Fuel Lines
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Product Summary

Vortech's cast aluminum carburetor enclosures for centrifugal superchargers are designed to bring the performance and compact fit of late-model fuel injected kits to vehicles with carbureted engines. In most cases, these kits will fit under your stock hood without modifications. The enclosure pressurizes the float bowls and throttle shafts for seamless response and are designed for use with Holley 4150, Quick Fuel Q-QFT-750-BAN, or Demon 750 MD carburetors. They also feature front and rear -8 AN fuel inlet ports, as well as provisions for pressure and vacuum connections. Linkage arms, a splined shaft, left and right hand spherical rod ends, and carburetor studs are included for simple throttle connection and adjustment. Available both with- or without fuel line kits.

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