Universal Chevrolet Big Block "Low Mount" Carbureted Supercharger Systems


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Product Details

This is a "universal" supercharger kit designed for vehicles equipped with carbureted big block Chevrolet engines.
  • This system requires the installer to supply a high volume fuel pump and properly jetted 4150 style carburetor unit (with mechanical secondaries)
  • We have verified this kit to fit on 1964-1972 Chevelle / Malibu models equipped with a cowl induction hood. Minor bottom-side hood support modifications may be required depending upon the type of intake manifold installed on the engine.
  • This kit may also fit other Chevrolet models, but has not been confirmed
  • Horsepower gains (depending on boost levels, engine volumetric efficiency etc.): 30-75%+
  • Supplied pulley ratio will produce approximately 5-6 psi at 5000 rpm on a mildly modified 454" engine
  • Installation time: 4-10 hours depending on application

    Included Components

    • V7 YSi supercharger with 3.33" pulley 10-rib (CW rotation; straight discharge)
    • Cast aluminum mounting bracket with all necessary hardware
    • New twin 1/2" thick billet aluminum mounting plates for rigid supercharger attachment
    • Supercharger drive:
      • Belt tensioner with dual bearing, billet aluminum idler pulley
      • Includes 61.8” 10-rib belt, billet aluminum accessory drive crank pulley (3 groove) with hard anodize finish and spacer for use with long water pump spacing
      • 10-rib billet aluminum supercharger crank pulley with hard anodize finish (7” diameter)
      • Available drive component accessories to convert to 36 or 50mm wide 8mm pitch cog drive. See optional components below for part numbers
    • 3.5” diameter cast aluminum discharge tube assembly with clamps, silicone sleeves and hardware
    • Supercharger oil drain assembly
    • Supercharger oil feed assembly
    • Cast aluminum carburetor enclosure assembly (use with 4150 Holley or Demon Carburetor)
      • Enclosure features front and rear –8 fuel inlet ports as well as multiple locations for pressure/vacuum connections. Linkage arms, splined shaft, and left/right hand spherical rod ends are included for simple throttle connection and adjustment.
      • Optional fuel line kits are available. They include custom bent stainless steel lines, billet -8 bulkhead adapter with fuel pressure port and plug, -8/-6 junction tee, aluminum swivel hose ends and USCG approved fuel hose. See optional components below for part numbers.

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