RIPP Superchargers 2011-2014 Dodge 5.7L Durango Supercharger Systems

The products depicted on this page are for informational purposes only, and are not for sale directly through Vortech or Paxton Superchargers. This page is dedicated to the 2011-2014 Dodge 5.7L Durango Supercharger Systems manufactured by our 3rd Party Manufacturer - RIPP Superchargers. To purchase the products depicted on this page, please contact our 3rd Party Manufacturer - RIPP Superchargers.

The 2011-2014 Dodge Durango is a great combination of American know-how and versatility. The 5.7 does a good job power wise, but we can always use a little more. When tested on our dyno it produced 280 All Wheel HP (whp) which doesn't make it much fun to drive.

With our system we netted 420 All Wheel Drive at just 7psi a 150whp gain! Yes that's right with one mod. Kits come complete with everything you or your installer needs to get through the very easy *8 hour install.

RIPP Systems come with:

  • Vortech V3 Si Trim (Self Contained)
  • Vortech Race Valve
  • Plug and Play Injectors (New Siemens)
  • Front Mounted Intercooler
  • 3.5in Boost Piping
  • Diablo Sport i3 and standard RIPP tune - MUST BE DYNO TUNED FOR BEST RESULTS 
  • Powder Coated Mounting Brackets
  • Gates Belt
  • RIPP Air Filter
  • Hardware
  • NGK Iridium Plugs (colder)
  • 4 Ply Black Couplers
  • Vacuum lines
  • Zipties
  • Fully Illustrated Color Instructions
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Tech line with Customer Service

For more information on this system, and others from this Third Party Manufacturer, click the following link: RIPP Superchargers.