H.O. System Upgrade Package, 1986-1993 Ford 5.0 Mustang


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Product Summary

Part Number: 8C101-001

The H.O. System Upgrade Package will take your existing 5-6 psi Fox Body Supercharger System and upgrade it to the 7-9 psi system specifications. It will include everything you'll need to run the additional boost safely on your 5.0 when you are ready for more boost and more power!

Package Includes:

- Aluminum (Satin Finish) Air Discharge Assembly with Standard Bypass Valve

- 8-Rib Pulley Package (6.87" Crank Pulley, 3.33" S/C Drive Pulley)

- Ignition Upgrade Assembly, MSD 6AL-BTM

- T-Rex Fuel Pump Assembly

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