Standard FMU Recalibration Kits


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Product Summary

Recalibration kits to change the rate of gain in your Standard Fuel Management Unit. Includes calibration ring, washer, and replacement upper diaphragm. Includes recalibration instructions.

Recommended calibrations for commonly used injector sizes:
12:1 - 19lb./hr Injectors
10:1 - 24lb./hr Injectors (Cobra)
8:1 - 24lb./hr Injectors (GT/LX)
6:1 - 30lb./hr Injectors
4:1 - 38/42lb./hr Injectors
3:1 - 50lb./hr Injectors

For conversion from CC injectors, divide by 10.5 (i.e. 440cc injectors = 42lb./hr)

Standard FMU Recalibration instructions can be found HERE.

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