86-93 Ford 5.0L Mustang Passenger Side Mounting Bracket Assembly For Use With 50mm Cog S/C Drive


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Product Summary

The heritage of a Vortech Supercharger on Fox Body Mustangs is legendary “ it is more common to see a Fox Body with a Vortech Supercharger installed than without! For those looking to mount a Heavy Duty or Race V-1, V-2, or V-7 Supercharger on the Passenger Side of their 86-93 5.0L, Vortech now has a Mounting Bracket Assembly designed specifically for use with 50mm Cog S/C Drive.

Featuring a billet twin-plate design and manual belt tensioner, this bracket assembly is the perfect complement to your setup to catapult your car to high horsepower and low E.T.™s.!
Features Include:

¢ Billet aluminum Twin-Plate Construction
¢ Dual-Bearing Billet Aluminum Idler with Flanges
¢ Manual S/C Tensioner with Arbor, Adjustment Screw and Spacers
¢ Crank Pulley Adapter with Integrated Accessory Drive Sheave (4.26 Diameter)
¢ Maintains OEM Accessory Drive FEAD
¢ Provisions for OEM Smog Pump and Alternator
¢ For Use with 4MA018-070, -075, -080 Crank Pulleys, and 2A032-xxx S/C Pulleys
¢ Compatible with Multiple 50mm Crank Pulley, Blower Pulley, & Belt Combinations

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