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Thanks and photo credit to Black Rock Photography, Edge of Speed, and Dragzine

The YellowBullet Nationals is the place where the racers of the most unapologetic forum on the web gather at Cecil County Dragway to make only slightly less noise than normal. One thing is for sure, the epic turnout saw one heck of a lot of drag racing action.


Andrew Demarco has been on a roll over the last few weeks, ever since making some serious changes to the car and debuting with a Vortech V-30 112A for NMCA Street Outlaw, and here with a Vortech V-30 105A for X275 duties. DeMarco continued to be on a roll here, as he took out Vinny Gianelli in the quarters and Phil Hines in the semis.

In the X275 Finals, DeMarco faced off against Vinny Palazzolo, and was narrowly edged out at the top end. After two back to back runner-up finishes in 2 different classes, it is obvious that Andrew DeMarco is going to be one to watch at upcoming events. It is only a matter of time before he finds himself sitting comfortably in the winner's circle.



Continuing to work on his program, Chuck Bartholme has changed the car over from 1/4 Mile trim to 1/8th Mile duties in the Ultra Street Class. The car shows promise, with initial runs in the 4.90’s and a best of 4.78 E.T., this should place him firmly at the front of the pack once all of the new setup bugs are worked out.


The boys from All Out Automotive have made steady progress with their Fox Body Mustang. The Yellowbullet Nationals would see his being their first real outing after numerous upgrades to chassis and electronics in the car.

Running in Ultra Street, the guys alternated between a V-7 YSi and a new V-30 94A, performing some pretty significant wheel stands along the way while getting dialed in. The performance of this four-eyed Fox is pretty dramatic, considering the car is still completely streetable. Here we see Kris and Nick on their way to go get ice cream in the car.


Always packed with great racing, the 2017 Yellowbullet Nationals did not disappoint. Still a couple more races this season, so keep your eyes out for more action soon.


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