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The Vortech V-30 131A Supercharger is the latest evolution in efficient compressor design, and is a very capable piece of heavy boost artillery. With over 4,000 CFM on tap, and supporting well over 3,000 horsepower, the V-30 131A will catapult you and your race setup to a whole new level of performance and capability.

Supercharger Specs:

Inlet Diameter:                      5.15"

Outlet hose Diameter:         4.00"

Inducer Diameter:                3.70"

Efficiency Peak:                    78%

Impeller Speed Max:            65,000 RPM

Max Boost:                            45+ PSIG

Max Flow:                              4,000+ CFM

Max Horsepower:                 3,000+


Contact Vortech and Team Vortech Racing to get yours on order today!


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