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The 13th Annual NMRA Ford Super Nationals at National Trail Raceway in Hebron Ohio welcomed racers back to Ohio, and high heat and high humidity trackside conditions welcomed them as well. The highly anticipated return to Ohio after a few years of it being off the event schedule attracted competitors from all over the country for action-packed racing in the entire range of classes throughout the NMRA.

Chuck Bartholme

A very happy Chuck Bartholme, seen here surrounded by his team and crew after charging through the competition at Ohio with a vengeance. Three races into the season after returning from a 5 year hibernation, and Bartholme has already solidified his presence in the Renegade class with the win at this event. Clearly this is only the beginning for this fierce competitor in the NMRA racing scene, Chuck is a force to be reckoned with.

Bartholme and his Vortech V-27 YSi-B-X Supercharged 370 cubic inch Ford charged through each round of Renegade competition one by one.

Round 1 – Chuck Bartholme vs. Terry Reeves – Win Bartholme 7.752 @ 178.68mph

Round 2 – Chuck Bartholme vs. Aaron Bates – Win Bartholme 7.779 @ 178.07mph

Round 3 – Chuck Bartholme vs. Alton Clements – Win Bartholme 7.775 @ 178.24mph

Finals – Chuck Bartholme vs. Valerie Clements – Win Bartholme 7.765 @ 175.75mph

To the winner go the spoils.

Alton Clements

The current Renegade points leader, Alton Clements continues to turn up the wick on his Vortech V-27 YSi-B-X Supercharged combination. Consistent run after run, even while perfecting his engine tune up and chassis combination, Clements is continuing to outpace the Renegade competition in the season standings, regardless of how hard they step up their game.

The weekend saw him through to the 3rd round of eliminations, dispatching Bob Cook in Round 1 and Adam Arndt in Round 2, before lining up in Round 3 next to the eventual event winner, the unrelenting force that was Chuck Bartholome.

Roxanne Shepard

A most welcome sight back in the NMRA is Roxanne Shepard and her famous 4.6L 2V named “Tweety”. Many will recognize the Livernois Motorsports built, Vortech V-1 T Supercharged 2004 GT Modular Muscle contender. Roxanne told NMRA Digital “I’m looking forward to seeing old friends and hearing about what they’ve been doing,” said Shepard. “Coming back to the NMRA is like coming home.”

Terry “Beefcake” Reeves

After breaking his block at the NMRA Ford Motorsport Nationals in Maple Grove, Team Beefcake had their work cut out for them getting the car ready for Ohio.  Working around the clock leading up the event, and debuting a new engine and new wrap on the car, Reeves missed the first test and tune session and was only able to make a single test pass before the main show.

In addition to still being in the process of dialing in the new engine, Terry lined up against the eventual event winner of the event (Chuck Bartholme) in Round 1 of eliminations. Throwing down an impressive time of 7.850 @ 175.96mph, Reeves was edged out by the smallest of margins…less than a tenth of a second. We know Terry and Team Beefcake will be back and ready to rock with his Vortech V-27 YSi-B-X Supercharged 2011 GT at the next event in Joliet.

Keith Fidura

Constantly staying on the cutting edge, Keith Fidura’s stable of Fords change their look often enough to keep the crowd guessing. The Vortech V-3 Si Supercharged 2013 GT he ran in True Street in Ohio featured a unique, light reflecting wrap and posted consistent 11-second times after the required 25 mile cruise. What will this car look like the next time we see it? Only time will tell.

Bob Cook

Long time Vortech Racer Bob Cook came to Ohio to run his Vortech V-27 YSi-B powered Mustang.  Bob has recently upgraded from a standard belt drive system to a gear drive, and at 314c.i. is utilizing one of the smallest cubic inch engines in the Renegade class. Bob came up against the current Renegade points leader Alton Clements in Round 1, but will be back for more Renegade Racing competition soon.

Car Show

With only 2 races left in the 2016 season, 2 Vortech racers in the Renegade top 5, and new potent competitors making their presence known, the chase for the championship is on. The next event will be the 11th Annual NMRA/NMCA Super Bowl of Street Legal Drag Racing at Route 66 Raceway in Joliet, Illinois.


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