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We are all at the mercy of Mother Nature, even when top racers converge on Maple Grove Raceway from all over the country for the NMRA Ford Motorsport Nationals.  Rain throughout the weekend limited the racing action, but the racing we did see proved once again the power and efficiency of Vortech Superchargers.

Racer: Alton Clements, Jr.

Alton Clements, Jr. qualified #1 yet again with his Vortech V-27 YSi-B-X Supercharged Fox Body, holding the position for the entire weekend with a 7.49 @183 mph run. Only able to conduct a single round of eliminations due to the number of cars in the class and threat of inclement weather. This event will have to be finished at the next event in Ohio. With Back-to-Back #1 Qualifier spots, and currently leading the Renegade class with a commanding lead in points, Clements is demonstrating the superior performance and reliability of Vortech Superchargers at every event.

Racer: Chuck Bartholme/ Mike Dez Racing


After taking 5 years off from racing and only his 2nd competitive outing in the car, Chuck Bartholme clicked off a 7.85 run @177mph in his Vortech V-27 YSi-B-X Supercharged Fox Body and took the round win. This is still a new combo with an extremely safe tune-up in the car. You can expect to be seeing 7.40 second e.t.’s out of Chuck & the Mike Dez Racing Crew in no time.


Racer: Terry “Beefcake” Reeves


Team Beefcake’s quickest pass of the weekend was a 7.89 @ 176mph with his Vortech V-27 YSi-B-X Supercharged combination, but were fighting some gremlins, with his crew chief finding 2 cracks in the water jackets of his engine block after his 2nd qualifying session. However, showing he is a true racer and making the best of a bad situation, Beefcake & crew drained the water from the engine and ran (and won) round 1 of eliminations with no coolant in the block. Terry and crew will have the car back in record-breaking condition for the rest of the event (which will be finished in Ohio due to rain at this event).


Racer: Nikki Frost

Nikki Frost brought her ever-changing Vortech V-3 Si Supercharged Coyote 5.0 to Maple Grove for True Street and the Annual All Female Shootout…and bring it she did! Clocking 2 new personal bests, as well as taking home Runner Up in the All Female Shootout, Nikki is gathering quite a racing resume before her upcoming entry into Coyote Modified.

Look for Frost to be taking Coyote Modified by storm soon in her other car, this Vortech V-7 JT-B Supercharged beast.


Despite the rain, it was another great weekend of racing, and we look forward to the next event in Ohio.  We’ll see you there!



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