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Here we are getting towards the holiday season, with snow on the ground in some parts of the country. With that in mind, you might think that the drag racing season is over for the year...but you would be WRONG!!! There was not 1, but 2 exciting race events this past weekend, and Vortech Supercharged racers were there at both events winning championships and knocking out the competition.

"Hired Help" Mustang Driven by Daniel Pachar - Triangle Speed

Daniel and Triangle Speed came to Gulfport Raceway to show what their Vortech V-30 105A Supercharged Fox Body Mustang can do, and they wasted absolutely no time at all by calling out Boosted GT in a Small Tire Grudge Show Down for Round 1.

Boosted GT may be the more well known car/racer, but make no mistake that he was gapped heartily by Hired Help, thanks to that Vortech Supercharged power.

When the smoke cleared, Pachar and Hired Help had won not just the Grudge Race, but the entire race, plus the Small Tire Series Championship! Making it 3 for 3 for the Dirty South No Prep Series, Triangle Speed has made a strong statement about how efficient centrifugal supercharged boost from a Vortech V-30 Race Supercharger can put you far in front of the competition, and do it consistently race after race, event after event. Congratulations to Daniel, Triangle Speed, and Racetech Motorsports on their much deserved win and Small Tire Championship!


Street Car Super Nationals 14

Out in Las Vegas over the weekend was the Street Car Super Nationals 14. Hosted by Las Vegas Motor Speedway, the event brought out cars from all over the country (including several Team Vortech Racers), and multiple classes of heads up drag racing action.


Chris Groves - 275 Radial Class

Chris and his Vortech V-30 105A Supercharged Fox Body Mustang have a solid program going. Great parts and great equipment plus a talented driver make for a very consistent contender, and certainly one to watch out for. Groves outran Anthony Manna in Round 1 of eliminations with a 4.521 @ 157.78mph vs. Manna's 4.637 @ 161.25mph. Round 2 pitted Groves against Tom Marshall, and Groves came out on top again with a 4.542 second run @ 158.61mph vs. Marshall's 4.583 @ 158.28. In Round 3, Groves came up against John Urist in his lightning fast Mustang, and at the stripe Urist was able to move on with a 4.443 second run @ 163.73 vs. Groves' losing 4.506 @ 158.82. A Great showing for Groves and his The Dyno Edge program, and we look forward to seeing them out at the track again soon.


Andrew Osborne - Outlaw 8.5 Class

Andrew Osborne has been tearing it up lately in Outlaw 8.5, including winning the 2018 Rocky Mountain Summer Series Championship with their Vortech V-30 112A Supercharged Mustang. At SCSN 14, Osborne Racing had another great showing, taking out Krusty Ramsey in Round 1 of Eliminations with a 4.643 @ 154.90 mph blast, and winning a BYE run in Round 2 (and still turning in a quick 4.671 run @ 155.11 mph. In Round 3, Osborne came up against Brad Medlock, who had been on a tear all weekend in his 2013 Gotta Have It Green Mustang. Osborne was not able to end Medlock's streak, and turned in a 4.798 @  154.95 mph run vs. Medlock's winning 4.617 run @ 157.89 mph. This was still a great showing for Osborne, and with a spectacular 2018 season of racing, we can't wait to see him back out at the track again.


David Eggerling - 235 Limited Class

One of the more talked about (and certainly most photographed) cars out at Las Vegas Motor Speedway this past weekend was Davis Eggerling's amazingly gorgeous, American Stars & Stripes themed Shoebox Nova. The car isn't just something to look at sitting still either, as it's Vortech V-7 YSi Supercharged powerplant was good enough to propel the car to mid-5 second E.T's in the 1/8th mile in the 235 Limited Class. Although Eggerling was eliminated relatively early in eliminations, we have no doubt that the car will be turning heads and turning in great runs again soon.


Brian Brooks - X275 Class

Brian Brooks came out to SCSN 14 to test his new Fox Body Mustang setup. The car is clean, looking good, and boosted via a Vortech V-30 102A Supercharger. Although certainly still in the "working out the bugs" phase, the car was still able to turn in some good times, and we can't wait to see him running the car again very soon.


Chris Alston - XDR Xtreme Drag Radial Class

Chris Alston has been in the racing game a long time, and has spent a decent amount of time both racing with Vortech Superchargers, as well as developing the CDS line of gear drives for centrifugal superchargers. Chris has gone faster, with much lower discharge temperatures with Vortech units over the competitor's units he has had to use to test his CDS units, proving time and time again that the efficiency of Vortech is completely unmatched in the industry.


Special Thanks and Photo Credit to Paul Fercho, Cole Reynolds, and Bangshift.com


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