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As the leader in Supercharger technology, Vortech Engineering has been at the forefront of safety and responsibility with the systems and products that we develop for over 25 years. From the very first system Engineered by Vortech Superchargers for the 1986-1993 Ford Mustangs, to the 2019 5.0L S550 Mustangs, Vortech has strived to achieve CARB exemption whenever possible on each system engineered. In fact, between the Vortech and Paxton brands we have been granted 68 separate Executive Orders through the E.O. testing process with the California Air Resources Board, totaling over 2,800 CARB approved applications. No other supercharger company comes anywhere close.

In an effort to work alongside the Air Resource Board and further enhance our compliance with CARB standards, Vortech and Paxton will be limiting our product catalog for California customers to 100% complete CARB legal Supercharging Systems and accessories. This allows us to assist our customers while staying in compliance. We at Vortech Engineering, Inc. and sister companies Paxton Automotive and Vortron Technologies understand the efforts and goals of CARB, we embrace and respect the CARB restrictions and regulations and make every effort to comply completely. In fact, we view the CARB regulations as an opportunity, where compliance with these regulations has actually offered us an advantage over lesser competing companies, while improving air quality.


  • Posted On February 21, 2020 by Mike G

    Is the tuner kit for the s550 mustang carb legal? I bought one without the fuel system and tune and live in California. Is it legal to run one with emissions standards?

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