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As word about the unmatched consistent, reliable power produced by Vortech Centrifugal Superchargers continues to spread around the racing world, and racers from many different racing classes and sanctioning bodies are making the change and never looking back. While the other racers in their class are scrambling between rounds to change broken blowers again and again, Vortech racers can relax and enjoy the weekend run after run on the same blower without a single issue.


Kynon Dinkel - NHRA/Jegs AllStars Top Sportsman

Vortech Supercharged NHRA Top Sportsman Racer Kynon Dinkel came into the event at Route 66 Raceway in Chicago "still in testing mode", after converting over from their previous setup to the new Vortech V-30 123A Supercharged 565 cubic inch Big Block Chevy combination from Oakley Engine Performance. However, the boys came out swinging heavy, turning in unbelievably consistent runs round after round. The boosted Cavalier bested J.R Lobner in Round 1, coming in just .001 off his dial-in, and then repeated the same .001 off his dial-in time in Round 2 against Doug Crumlich.

The final round saw Dinkel opposite 2018 Jegs champ Lester Johnson, but the dead-on consistency of the the Vortech Supercharged combination would prove victorious, as Dinkel ran a perfect 6.487 run on his dial-in, earning the Championship and his first Jegs Allstars trophy.

The Dinkster Racing 2004 Jerry Bickel Cavalier and its Vortech V30-123A Supercharged 565 BBC from Oakley Engine Performance runs an APD blow-through carburator, Rossler T400, Koni Fully electric with air sweeps, Mark Williams axles and 10” gear. Congratulations to Kynon Dinkel, Phillip Oakley, and crew and a well earned Victory and Championship. Look for a lot more from this team to come in the near future.


Terry Leggett - PDRA Pro Boost

Terry "Legbone" Leggett and his Vortech V-30 131 Supercharged 1971 Mustang Mach 1 are certainly making people stand up and take notice in the ranks of the PDRA Pro Boost class. The Alan Johnson 526 cubic inch HEMI built by Charlie Buck Racing Engines gulps in the copious amounts of Vortech Supercharged boost through a Hogan intake manifold, and mated to a Mark Micke Transmission. Leggett has seen consistent 3.75 E.T.s and MPH's north of 200 MPH.

At the PDRA North-South Shootout at Maryland International Raceway, Leggett and crew were out to show exactly what this Vortech V-30 131 combination could do...and then do it again...and again. Turning in a qualifying pass of 3.753 E.T @ 200.02 MPH, the competition was already taking notice. In Round 1 of eliminations, Leggett advanced vs. Chuck Ulsch with a 3.777 E.T. @ 200 MPH pass, then bested Jim Bell with a 3.759 @ 198.93 MPH in Round 2.

In Round 3, Leggett lined up against the '69 Camaro of Tommy D'Aprile, and a total lack of traction saw Leggett having to pedal his Mustang most of the way down the track, allowing D'Aprile to advance. Undaunted, Leggett and crew will be back for more very soon. The best part is the other teams coming by the pits asking "How many times have you changed the blower this weekend?", and watching them have to pick their jaws up off the pavement when they hear "None. Not once. This is a Vortech Supercharger. We'll go the whole weekend on this one V-30 blower and it will just keep on running no problem."


David & Tracy Pearson - Little Evil

Fans and competitors of the 275 Tire classes are all very familiar with the frightening visage of David & Tracy Pearson's Little Evil Mustang. Now, a new and improved version of Little Evil is finished and ready to be unleashed on the 275 community. The 1993 Fox Body Mustang went into its race car cocoon last fall, and with the help of Teddy Houser Race Cars, the LX Coupe emerged as a beast looking not at all unlike the previous version of the Pearson's infamous moniker. What also has not changed is the boost being provided by Vortech Superchargers, in this case a V-30 131A unit. What is different is there is now a small cubic inch big block engine sitting under the fiberglass front end, burning alcohol instead of gas, and dialed in (still by Tracy Pearson) via a Holley Dominator management system.

Look for the Pearson's and Little Evil hurting all kinds of feelings coming up soon at various 28/275 shootouts, the rest of the Carolina No Time series, and Pro 275 at Donald Long’s races.


Phillip Oakley - Top Dragster

A talented engine builder with Oakley Engine Performance, Phillip Oakley is also an accomplished racer as well, currently running in the ranks of the NHRA Top Dragster. Recently, Phillip piloted his Vortech V-30 123A Supercharged Top Dragster to the #1 Qualifying spot at 2 events in a row, and taking home the Fast 4 prize in Norwalk, OH. Look for the multi-talented Oakley tripping the lights to the tune of 3.8 second E.T's at over 192MPH at more events in the NHRA North Central Divisional Series this summer...


John Reed - Ultra Street

John Reed has been pushing the late model HEMI envelope for quite some time now, with several firsts under his belt; including being the first late model IRS HEMI to make it into the 7's in the 1/4 mile. At the beginning of the month, John was out doing some testing at Cecil County Dragway at an Ultra Street event. Look for Reed and his Vortech V-7 YSi-B Supercharged 2009 Challenger at multiple events like the Late Model HEMI Shootout and Ultra Street races this summer.


Special thanks and photo credit to Finishline Productions, DragChamp.com, Spoold Media/Jordan Green, Penny Shots Photography.


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