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Sondra Leslie - NMRA Limited Street

If there was an award for dedication and going that extra mile, Ken Bjonnes and crew from Palm Beach Dyno would be taking it home easily after the crazy crunch they went through getting Sondra Leslie's 1985 Mustang race-ready for this event. The task at hand was to switch the car over from the stock ECU to a new Bosch unit in time for the race. This would already be a sizeable task in and of itself, requiring an all new wiring harness to be put into the car. then, after getting the new unit into the car and wired up, the team discovered that it was the incorrect PCM. This made it necessary to undo all of the work they had already performed, then start all over, re-install and re-wire everything once again. The insane amount of work delayed the car's arrival at the event, but they were able to arrive in time for Sondra to run in the second round of qualifying, turning in a 8.873 run @ 156.37 mph. This was good enough for #3 qualifying position, and set the top speed mark.

In eliminations, Leslie met up with Jay Misener, coming away with the victory with a 8.859 @ 155.15 mph pass. In the next round, Leslie eliminated Kent Nine with a 8.832 run @ 154.28 mph. In the finals, it would be a Centrifugal Supercharger vs. Nitrous battle for the win vs. Michael Lewandowski and his 1979 Mustang. When the light turned, a holeshot from Sondra Leslie held off Lewandowski with an 8.80 @ 154 mph run vs. Lewandowski's losing 8.77 @ 154 mph pass. The whirlwind weekend for Sondra, Ken, and crew turned into their first win of the season, making the hard work and extended hours all worth the effort. Congratulations to Sondra Leslie, Ken Bjonnes, and crew for a job well done.


Terry "Beefcake" Reeves

No stranger to breaking records and doing things before anyone else, Terry "Beefcake" Reeves became the first Supercharged 2018 Mustang to break into 8 second territory. The Vortech V-7 JT-B Supercharged 2018 GT benefits from a BES-built short block pushing through a factory 10R80 automatic transmission upgraded with McLeod clutches and a converter from Circle D. The car still weighs in at 4,016 pounds, making the 8.864 E.T. run at 157.61 mph accomplishment that much more impressive.


Roxanne Shepard

Roxanne and her bright yellow Vortech V-1 T-Trim Supercharged Mustang known as "Tweety" came to St. Louis to run through the ranks of the Modular Muscle class. Roxanne defeated Charlie McCulloch and his 2004 Cobra in Round 1, Becki Cram and her 2010 Mustang in Round 2, which brought her to the Semi-Finals against Susan Roush-McClenaghan. It was an extremely tight race, but when it was over, Roxanne had come in 0.02 seconds later on her dial-in than her competitor, allowing McClenaghan to advance on to the finals and ending the weekend for Shepard and Tweety.




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