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Mustang Week is by far one of the premier yearly events for Ford and Mustang enthusiasts. The week-long event encompasses multiple attractions across several locations in and around Myrtle Beach, SC, including the opening Meet & Greet, Dyno Competition, Track Day, Autocross, Burnout Contest, Test-n-Tune, plus numerous nighttime events, and then culminating in 2 huge back-to-back car shows at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center. Vortech and Paxton Superchargers was in Myrtle Beach for the festivities, and here are some of the notable Mustangs we saw while we were there.

Day 1: Meet & Greet

Although there were plenty of unofficial gatherings prior to this Tuesday meet, the first official Mustang Week event kicked off at Broadway At The Beach with this Meet & Greet.

Secretly one of our favorite cars from last year's show, we were super excited to see Andrew Barnes (@drew_5.slow) had put a Paxton NOVI 2200SL System on his Guard Green 2016 GT since last we saw it. We were so pleased with what we saw, we asked Andrew to join us in our booth inside the Convention Center later in the week.

This Paxton NOVI 2200SL Supercharged Magnetic Grey 2018 Mustang GT definitely stood out in the crowd.

Mike Zwick's Vortech V-1 Ti Supercharged @project_ruby_coupe was a car we had the pleasure to see previously at the American Muscle show. It was no surprise that it grabbed a lot of attention here as well.

Is Calvin Atwell's (@sonicbluecoyote) Paxton NOVI 2000 Supercharged 2001 Bullitt the cleanest Bullitt anywhere? We think it certainly could be!

Michael Jenkins brought out his Paxton NOVI 2200SL Supercharged @wr_mchn3 S550 Mustang GT.

This Paxton NOVI 2200SL Supercharged 3V Mustang GT from DaSilva Racing drove all the way from Canada! Now that's some dedication.

It is always cool to see a well maintained 1996 Mystic Cobra, especially when it is Vortech V-2 Supercharged!

this Grabber Blue BOSS 302 was boosted via a Satin Finish Paxton NOVI 2200SL System, and had a miniature version of itself under the hood.

We thought the owner of this Vortech V-2 Supercharged convertible New Edge GT might be the gentleman in the hat standing next to it. Unfortunately, it was not.

This Blue Convertible 2V GT was rolling around with absolutely no air inlet on his Vortech V-1 Supercharger.

Day 2: Battle At The Beach Dyno Competition

Day 2 of Mustang Week brought us to Myrtle Beach Speedway for the "Battle At The Beach" Dyno Competition set up by Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords. We were delighted to find that 4 of the 10 cars in the competition were Vortech or Paxton Supercharged.With several different engines, body styles, and power adders represented, it was bound to be a good day and great competition.

First up was Mike Zwick and his @project_ruby_coupe. Mike knew his Fox wasn't going to be the highest number of the day, but he was just happy to be there and participating with his gorgeous Mustang. Still, he managed over 500 horsepower, aided by his Vortech V-1 T-Trim under the hood.

Calvin Atwell's 2001 Bullitt is running a Paxton NOVI 2000 Supercharged package under the hood, and put down a respectable mid-400's with his 4.6L 2V engine.

Then it was time for Steve Shrader to bring his Brightmare out to play. Brightmare is Shrader Performance's Coyote Swapped and Vortech V-7 YSi Supercharged 1999 Mustang GT. Brightmare's previous incarnation was well known also, with a 1,000+ horsepower Vortech Supercharged 2V engine setup in it. But now with the new Coyote swap package, Shrader was ready to punish the rollers (and some spectator's eardrums) in colossal fashion.When it was all over, Brightmare had not only won the competition, but had done so by a commanding margin. Not only was Shrader's GT the highest horsepower car of the day, it was also the only car to break quadruple digits, with 1,020rwhp!

Walking around at the Speedway, we found this Vortech V-7 YSi Supercharged Fox Body LX Hatch. We would have liked to see this thing in action!

As a special treat after the dyno competition had concluded, Vaughn Gitten, Jr. and the guys from Revolution Automotive brought out Vaughn's Vortech V-7 JT Supercharged Exhibition Mustang, which had just recently been drifted around the entire Nürburgring in Germany. Just for fun, they decided to throw this car on the dyno as well.

The world traveling car was able to throw down an impressive 766.33 horsepower and 557.45 Torque to the rear wheels on the dyno.

Various After Hours Meets, G2G's, etc.One of the best things about Mustang Week has always been that the entire week, no matter where you go around Myrtle Beach, there are literally Mustangs EVERYWHERE. Small g2g at a gas station here, small g2g of nothing but Orange Mustangs at a restaurant there, and lots of huge, planned meets and g2g's every night of the week. Here are a few pics from some of the events we stopped by while we were there.We caught Dylan Rivers' (@highroller94) Vortech Supercharged 1966 Mustang at Beaver Bar on Tuesday night.

Michael Jenkins' (@wr_mchn3) Paxton NOVI 2200SL Supercharged S550 Mustang was looking great at sunset at the Mustang6g.com meetup on Wednesday night.

@5point0anthony and his 850rwhp Vortech V-7 JT-B Supercharged S550 was posted up at the Mustang6g.com meetup Wednesday night.

We were also able to catch Anthony's (@5point0anthony) awesome S550 at the Myrtle Beach Mall on Thursday night. We absolutely love this car, and Anthony, Scott, Ray, Greg, and Arlis from @velgenwheels were all super cool to hang out with. Check them out if you are in the market for great quality wheels for your ride!

Completely out of place, but still a welcome sight was this C6 Corvette boosted with the help of a Polished Finish A&A Corvette/Vortech V-3 Ti Supercharger setup.

We saw this Grabber Blue BOSS 302 earlier in the week as well. It was showing nicely at the Myrtle Beach Mall, with its Satin Finish Paxton NOVI 2200SL proudly displayed under the hood.

We found this Vortech V-2 Supercharged Cobra at the Myrtle Beach Mall.

No one can say this Canadian 3V isn't driven. It came down all the way from Canada for Mustang Week, and then was out at many of the events we showed up at. With a Paxton NOVI 2200SL and Air-to-Air Charge Cooler under the hood, it has plenty of power to go wherever it wants.

This Fox Body at the Myrtle Beach Mall had a Polished V-1 Vortech setup under the hood.

We only saw this Red 2V once the entire week. Spotted outside Hooters at the Myrtle Beach Mall, it had a Satin Finish Vortech V-2 with custom Air-to-Air Cooler under the hood.


 Main Mustang Week Show - Myrtle Beach Convention Center
The finale of Mustang Week is basically the culmination of all the events of the week, as everyone converges onto and around the Myrtle Beach Convention Center for 2 days. The 1st day is the main car show, and then the last day is a "cruise-in", which is basically a car show where people can come and go as they please. We found lots of cars both days that were worth checking out. Here are some of the pictures we took.

As previously noted, we like @drew_5.slow's car so much that we had asked him to display it in our booth for the big show. The Guard Green 2016 GT grabbed tons of attention inside the convention center, and showed off it's Paxton NOVI 2200SL Supercharged package feeding a black Holley Sniper intake manifold. The combo was good for well over 700rwhp.

@jon_50h's GT is a super clean car that we have been fans of for a couple years now. We were lucky enough to have Jon park his car in our booth this year. Jon's car looks fantastic, and makes plenty of power thanks to the Paxton NOVI 2200SL system feeding the Coyote 5.0L engine. 

Walking around the inside of the Convention Center, there was no shortage of really nice cars worth stopping and admiring. For example, Jordan @jwelch159's Vortech Supercharged and Maxflow Air-to-Water Charge Cooled 1993 Cobra was a prime example. We actually heard that Jordan actually brought a different Mustang to Mustang Week, but went back home to get this gorgeous Cobra and put it into the show. We are very glad he did.

Our friend @5point0anthony's 850rwhp S550 is one mean machine! With a Vortech V-7 JT-B Supercharger under the hood feeding a 2018 Mustang intake manifold a copious amount of boost pressure, it is a great example of what makes the S550 Mustang and Ford's Coyote engine such a beloved part of Mustang culture today. Over 1,000 horsepower and 100% completely streetable is not only possible, but packages like Anthony's make it look downright easy!

Gary and Debbie Ross' 1994 Saleen 351 SR Mustang is an exciting piece of Mustang history. This is a factory Vortech Supercharged Mustang, produced in 1994 by Saleen, and it still looks as amazing today as it did when it rolled off the assembly line.

The same RTR Mustang of Vaughn Gitten Jr.'s that was dynoed earlier in the week at 766rwhp was also on display at the main show, in the Ford Performance tent outside. Showing off its Vortech V-7 JT-Trim Supercharged setup under the hood, it is no surprise that the car grabbed lots of attention from the crowd.

There is no mistaking @merchantsvt's bright orange Cobra. Gorgeous and customized everything from front to back, the Vortech V-7 YSi Supercharged beast is a car that is always shined up and looking great at all events it attends.

Mike Z. and his @project_ruby_coupe Fox Body was hanging out in the UPR Products booth at the big show. We saw Mike and his Vortech V-1 Ti Supercharged at several events during the week, and it always looks great.

@nightmare_gt350 posted up with several show accessories in the Axe Wheels booth.

D.J. Haeussler's Vortech V-3 Supercharged 1994 Mustang Cobra has quite a bit of custom work done to it, both inside and outside.

After seeing Dylan @highroller94's 1966 Mustang Coupe earlier in the week, we were very excited to see it on display in the Detail Garage's booth inside the Convention Center. The 306 cubic inch engine under the hood gets boosted via a Vortech V-1 Supercharged fed through a Vortech Maxflow PowerHat.

Bryan Ross' 1993 Saleen SA-10 Mustang was another factory Vortech Supercharged Saleen Mustang that is a permanent part of Mustang history...and a most excellent part of it as well.

Ron @ronschoch65 brought out his Paxton NOVI 2200SL Supercharged S550 to display in the BF Goodrich booth for the show. We are loving this unique color for an S550.

We've said it before, but Calvin @sonicbluecoyote has the cleanest 2001 Bullitt we've ever seen. Not only is the car smoothed and immaculate, but the NOVI 2000 kit under the hood just looks perfect there.

Travis and Dana Ford @travis90turbocoupe's Vortech Supercharged Reef Blue 1987 LX Fox Body is pristine to say the least. Being right across from the Vortech booth in the B&M/Hurst booth, you probably could have easily caught us staring at the car at various times during the show.

Omar @5oh_frostbite had his Paxton NOVI 2200SL Supercharged S550 in the Axe Wheels booth.

A factory Supercharged Saleen S351 is always cool to see, and this black one was still in great condition.

We met Dwight Scales and his LX Notchback while walking around the outside portion of the show. Dwight was very eager to tell us how happy he was with his Vortech V-3 Si System, and he even helped us talk to other customers about the benefits of going with Vortech when he stopped by the booth later on in the day.

@robrabonphotog's 2011 Paxton NOVI 2200SL Supercharged GT had a fresh new color change for the show. Brand new and hot off the presses, it's got sparkles and more sparkles! Rob's car was parked in the TMI Products booth inside the Convention Center.

R. Jerome Fleming's 1989 Convertible Fox Body Mustang GT has all kinds of polished, coated, and customized parts. You can definitely tell that he has spent a lot of time converting the car into his own vision of what it should be, and we congratulate him on that.

This BOSS Shinoda themed 2V Mustang features a polished Vortech V-2 Supercharger with custom air-to-air charge cooler.

We heard the Vortech V-1 T-Trim singing its sweet music from under the hood of @302blackfox's Mustang GT as we walked by and asked him to pop the hood. His Vortech Supercharged setup, complete with twin plate mounting bracket and custom air-to-air cooler definitely make for a potent package.

This 2007 3V GT was labeled as a "TKO Mustang" from Terry Kunes Ford. The car appears to have come from the Dealership with an air-to-water charge cooled Vortech V-2 Si Supercharger package, as well as exhaust, upgraded brakes, and suspension.

Power Curve Motorsports brought out this Notchback Fox Body equipped with a Satin Finish Vortech V-1 Supercharger package.

Black 4.6L 4V Cobra Convertible with polished finish Vortech V-2 Supercharger setup under the hood.

All the way from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, @adamslaunwhite and his 1991 Emerald Green Vortech Supercharged LX 5.0 may have traveled one of the furthest distances to be at Mustang Week. We are happy that he did.

This red SN95 GT had a stroked 331 cubic inch engine fed by a Vortech V-3 Si Supercharger in satin Finish under the hood.

White Mustang GT with Satin Finish Vortech V-1 Supercharger.

This Blue 2V had his hood up showing his Vortech Supercharged setup off every time we saw it at Mustang Week, which we always appreciate. The V-1 Vortech was breathing open air (no filter), and blowing through a custom air-to-air charge cooler.


Mustang Week truly is an awesome experience every single year, and we are already looking forward to next year. Great job Mike, Rodney, and MW staff. Thanks to them, and every Vortech and Paxton Supercharger owner who came out to represent, and to everyone else we talked to while we were there. We had a blast.


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