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Breaking a Fastest E.T. World Record is an accomplishment worth celebrating in any situation...but smashing the current World Record during a license pass after letting off at 1,000 feet? That is making a statement. John Reed did exactly that recently at Cecil County Dragway with an insane 8.23 E.T. pass @ 160.84 MPH in his Vortech Supercharged Dodge Challenger.

John Reed may not be the most prominent Late Model HEMI racer out there (yet), but he and his 2009 Challenger have certainly paved the way for others and spend their far share of time in the record books. John initially became the first Late Model IRS HEMI Challenger to break the 8 second barrier back in 2015 at the Modern Street HEMI Shootout, with a 8.85 E.T @ 158 MPH. He also won the Super Pro Class and King of the Hill at that same event. Being the fastest IRS Challenger was one thing, but John Reed had set his sights higher.

Just a few months later in November of 2015, Reed went on to break the IRS HEMI World Record, with an 8.64 E.T. pass @ 163 MPH. That record held for almost 3 years, until it was broken earlier this year by another racer, and then broken again this past week by Reed.

John has built the car in his own garage, and his current combination consists of a Vortech V-7 YSi-B Supercharged 426 cubic inch Billy Briggs engine, coupled to an RPM transmission. The car also features BMR suspension, and Driveshaft Shop drivetrain components.

How long will this record last? We are guessing just until John gets back out to the track and runs the car to a full 1,320 foot pass. His goal is to be the first IRS Late Model HEMI into the 7's. With John Reed, that is just a matter of time.


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