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Week To Wicked is a themed week long build that takes an ordinary car through a crash course of modifications that, along with help from some of the best brands in the business, completely transforms the car from mild mannered to wild & wicked! For the Mustang360 Week To Wicked build this year, the guys take on a Fox Body Mustang. Watch the build progress as the week progresses in this series of videos.

DAY 1: Getting Started & Everything Accomplished On The First Day


Day 2: Maximum Motorsports Finishing Up The Suspension


Day 3: The New Heart Goes In, Equipped With Vortech Supercharged Power


Day 4: Some Unexpected Hurdles & Coming Down To The Wire!


Day 5: Interior From TMI Products & The Final Touches

Stay tuned for the next chapter in Week To Wicked, where the boys from Super Street will be doing a Subaru BRZ build, which will also feature Vortech Supercharged Boost! 



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