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Vortech Supercharged Racers are continuing to break records, earn championships, and show the world what REAL efficient boost looks like, and how it performs...as it leaves the competition far, far behind. From 1/8th Mile to 1/4 Mile, Dragsters to Drift Cars, and everything in-between. If you have the desire to go fast in straight line or sideways...Vortech continues to be the best option in every form of motorsports.


Danny Nelson - NHRA Top Dragster

Danny Nelson (Danny Nelson Racecraft) has had quite the season this year in NHRA Top Dragster capping it off earlier this month by winning the World Championship. A 45+ year veteran of the sport of racing, Nelson has made his 2019 season one of his notable seasons so far. After switching his setup over to Vortech Centrifugal Supercharged power, Nelson has started collecting Wallys in rapid succession. The Vortech V-30 123A Supercharged Racecraft Chassis Dragster makes regular trips down the quarter mile in the very low 5 second range at over 220 MPH.

Nelson's string of victories and notables this season include a win at the Division 3 Lucas Oil Series race at Bowling Green, raced to the Semi-Finals at the U.S. Nationals in Indianapolis (which was the first ever U.S. Nationals where Top Dragster was included), #1 Qualifier and another win at Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk, OH; another #1 Qualifier and win at National Trail Raceway in Columbus, OH; and then once again at Gateway Motorsports Park in St. Louis, MO with a 5.129 E.T. @ 223.95 MPH vs. Mario Boesch's 5.146 E.T. @ 216.06 MPH to earn himself the 2019 Top Dragster National Championship.

Congratulations to Danny Nelson and crew for a fantastic racing season, it was definitely one for the record books!


David & Tracy Pearson's "Little Evil" - Pro 275

Back with an extreme vengeance is David & Tracy Pearson and their "Little Evil" 93 Ford Mustang. The new setup appears very similar to their previous one from the outside, but is now sporting a Big Block powerplant, and an even bigger Vortech Centrifugal Supercharger. The results are already making everyone stand up and take notice, as evidenced at No Mercy 10 this past weekend, with a 3.97 run right off the trailer at over 180 mph, followed up by resetting the Pro 275 record with a 3.903 run @ 181.11 mph!!!

In eliminations, the Pearsons and Little Evil faced a series of other Fox Bodies, taking out David Buckley and his '92 Fox in Round 1 and Brad Tyson in his '93 Fox in Round 3. In Round 4 of eliminations, Ron Hamby and his '64 Nova jumped the light and triggered the red bulb, but Little Evil still outran him nonetheless with a 3.941 @ 184.93 mph to Hamby's losing 4.054 run @ 185.05 mph.

The finals saw them head to head with JD Campbell and his Camaro, but going a little too aggressive on the tune caused them to spin, putting the Pearsons into the Runner-Up slot for the weekend.



Terry "Beefcake" Reeves - NMRA World Finals 10R80 Throwdown

Terry "Beefcake" Reeves has become synonymous with Vortech Supercharged power over the years, both with his successful NRMA/NMCA Drag Racing Career with the many records he has broken, and with his business Team Beefcake Racing. If there is something to be done in a straight line with a Vortech Supercharged Coyote Mustang, chances are that Terry Reeves has done it, and done it faster than anyone else. 

At his last outing in Bowling Green, KY for the 10R80 Throwdown, Reeves continued to push the limits of Coyote-powered Mustang performance. In his Vortech V-7 JT-B Supercharged 2018 Mustang GT Street Car, Reeves turned in an 8.95 Second Elapsed Time @ 156 mph in the very first round of qualifying, showing the other cars in the class that he was looking straight to the winner's circle and not taking any prisoners.

Neither the Turbocharged or Positive Displacement Supercharged Competitors that gave it their best in the 10R80 Challenge could come close to Reeves' Vortech Centrifugal Supercharged Mustang, and all fell victim to the power and efficiency that makes Vortech #1 time after time. In the finals, Reeves lined up against Heinz Stock in his turbocharged "Need For Green" 2019 GT, and Reeves won with a commanding 9.183 E.T @ 126.55 MPH of Stock's 10.532 @ 92.57 run. Congratulations to Terry Reeves, and we can't wait to see what he decides to do next.


Daniel Pachar & Triangle Speed's "Hired Help"

By now, it has to have gotten to the point where other racers have to seriously think about packing up and going home when they see Triangle Speed & Daniel Pachar roll up to a race event. Their Vortech Supercharged Fox Body Mustang known as "Hired Help" has an incredibly impressive string of victories from events all over the country this year alone...and they show absolutely no sign of letting up.

Here we see Pachar & Hired Help taking out Tony McKinney in the Finals at Street Outlaws No Prep Kings event in Florida.

At the Finals of the No Prep Kings event in Norwalk, OH, Hired Help takes the win again in the Small Tire Class!

At the Out Of Time No Prep Race, the Triangle Speed boys put a call out to any small tire car, and Jason Cantu answered that call. Cantu found out quickly that Hired Help's Vortech Supercharged power was much more than he bargained for!

Be sure to look straight toward the Winner's Circle when Pachar & Hired Help roll into your town...because that's where you'll find them!


Odi Bakchis - Formula Drift

Aurimas ‘Odi’ Bakchis jumped out to a huge lead this season early, taking first place in the first two events of the season in Long Beach and Orlando. The rest of the field were able to recover though, and for the next 5 events there would not be a single repeat victory in the top spot.

In Irwindale, Bakchis was looking like he was going to go for the gold again. Qualifying in 8th Position, he then climbed past the likes of Jeff Jones in Top 32, Kazuya Taguchi in Top 16, Daijiro Yoshihara in The Great 8, and faced off against Michael Essa in the Final 4. In Odi's lead lap, he was able to leave Essa in his tire smoke, putting a significant gap between himself and Essa, who was possibly having issues and was down on power. On Essa's lead lap, his apparent lack of power was even more evident, as Bakchis' doing his best to follow was forced to go wide through inside clip 1 to avoid contact with Essa, but ended up putting his car into the safety wall as a result. 

Although the majority opinion of those in attendance was that Essa's car problems contributed greatly to Bakchis' accidental contact, the judges deemed Essa somehow worthy of moving on to the finals instead of Bakchis, despite his clear advantage going into his chase lap. Although this did end the weekend for Odi, it was still enough to secure the Third Place Overall Title in the Driver's Championship. Although not how the event could have (or maybe should have) turned out for Aurimas "Odi" Bakchis, he still deserves thorough congratulations for a job well done, and for his 3rd Place Overall Victory for the 2019 Season.


Eric Kvilhaug - WCHRA Big Tire Class

Eric Kvilhaug spent the weekend taking his Vortech V-30 131B Supercharged C7 Corvette to the Winner's Circle at Famoso Raceway, after taking the win at WCHRA "The Duel" in the West Coast Hot Rod Association Big Tire Class. Congratulations to Eric and his crew on the win!


Karolina Pilarczyk - Drift Kings International Series

You may recognize Karolina Pilarczyk from...well, from a lot of things, actually. The Polish Star is a Driver, Actor, Stuntwoman, and many people have been recognizing her most recently from her appearances on Netflix's Hyperdrive Competition Series. Karolina is also a serious competitor in Professional Drifting as well, having won the Queen of Europe Competition in back-to-back 2016 & 2017 Seasons.

This year, Karolina has put her schedule into a hyperdrive of its own, by campaigning 2 separate Vortech Supercharged drift cars on 2 separate continents in 2 separate Drifting Sanctioning Bodies - Formula Drift Pro2 in the United States, and the Drift Kings International Series of competition in Europe!

With a schedule that would make even the most active person dizzy and hoping for a vacation, even with being plagued by mechanical issues on her Formula D Pro2 car, Pilarczyk pushed through the season with the poise of a seasoned professional. Jumping from continent to continent, spending way too much time on airplanes, but collecting several wins and podium finsihes along the way, and earning herself the Second Place Title in the Drift Kings Women's League, and Ninth overall for men and women in International Competition.

Congratulations to Karolina Pilarczyk and to her crew chief Mariusz and the rest of her crew on a great season of tough competition, and we look forward to seeing what next year holds.


Earl Stanley - X275

Earl Stanley is running in the X275 Class with his Vortech V-30 102A Supercharged 1988 Mustang. Qualifying 15th in the stacked 41 car field with a 4.486 Elapsed Time @ 166.60 MPH, Stanley and crew were ready for a great weekend of racing.

However, an unfortunate overzealous launch in Round 1 of eliminations resulted in a red light foul, putting a quick end to the weekend of racing for Stanley and crew.


David Buckley - Pro 275

Although still working on his new combo, David Buckley brought out his gorgeous Vortech V-30 131A Supercharged 1992 Mustang to No Mercy 10 to compete in Pro 275. Unfortunately for Buckley, he drew David & Tracy Pearson in Round 1 of Eliminations, and their "Little Evil" Mustang was dialed in well enough to defeat Buckley, and continue all the way to the finals at the event.


Jason Martin - DXP 235

Jason Martin brought his Vortech V-7 JT-B Supercharged LX Fox Body Mustang from Kentucky for competition in the DXP 235 Class.

In the first round of eliminations, Martin faced off against Robert Strong in his 87 Monte Carlo, but unfortunately due to mechanical issues Martin was not able to continue. Keep your eyes out for Jason Martin at a small tire racing event near you soon.

It has certainly been an exciting, action-packed series of racing events over the past few weeks. Records broken, Championships won, and as the season comes to a close, we look forward to the last few events coming up, along with the SEMA and PRI Shows, and all of the action next year will hold for Vortech Supercharged Racers all across the United States, and across the World!


Special Thanks and Photo/Video Credit to NMRA, TheRacingVids, Cole Thomas 


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