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The group of performance-minded enthusiasts at MOPAR have built something that demands attention. The current model HEMI powerplants are some of the most potent factory engines available today. The extremely capable 6.4L & 5.7L HEMI engines have no trouble making power, and benefit greatly from the added boost available from a Vortech Supercharger System. The new 2015-2019 HEMI Tuner Kits from Vortech Superchargers are now available and ready to transform your 6.4L into a Hellcat eating monster, and your 5.7L into a tire shredding beast!

Features Include:

  • - V-3 Si-Trim CCW Rotation Supercharger
  • - Billet aluminum mounting plate assembly includes idlers, drive belt and all hardware. Mount features extended serpentine drive with secondary cog drive
  • - Air-to-Water Charge Cooler increases performance and reliability of supercharger system. Large core will support over 1,000 HP, and includes Aluminum Discharge Tube, OE Hellcat water reservoir tank with hoses, clamps and plumbing, compact water circulation pump for closed loop cooling, and aluminum heat exchanger (22.6" x 9.5" x 2.5"), silicone couplers and stainless steel hose clamps
  • - Vortech Maxflow Race Bypass Valve with filter
  • - Drive Pulley combination 3.60" serpentine pulley, 32 tooth secondary drive pulley, 30 tooth supercharger pulley
  • - Re-useable, high flow air cleaner


    Tuner Kit Part Numbers

    4CM218-110L     2015-2019 6.4L Challenger, Satin Finish
    4CM218-114L     2015-2019 6.4L Challenger, Black Finish
    4CM218-118L     2015-2019 6.4L Challenger, Polished Finish

    4CM218-120L     2015-2019 5.7L Challenger, Satin Finish
    4CM218-124L     2015-2019 5.7L Challenger, Black Finish
    4CM218-128L     2015-2019 5.7L Challenger, Polished Finish

    4CM218-130L     2015-2019 6.4L Charger, Satin Finish
    4CM218-134L     2015-2019 6.4L Charger, Black Finish
    4CM218-138L     2015-2019 6.4L Charger, Polished Finish

    4CM218-140L     2015-2019 5.7L Charger, Satin Finish
    4CM218-144L     2015-2019 5.7L Charger, Black Finish
    4CM218-148L     2015-2019 5.7L Charger, Polished Finish


    Complete Systems coming soon.
    Tuner Kits are legal in California only for racing vehicles which may never be used, registered, or licensed for highway use.

    Vortech Engineering, an AirPower Group company, engineers efficient, high technology air management solutions for automotive, marine, industrial, aeronautical, and other motorsports applications.


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