Paxton Mopar Small Block Carbureted Supercharger Systems


Includes Carburetor Enclosure
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Product Summary

The NOVI supercharger with supplied pulley ratio will produce 7-8 PSIG boost at 6,000 RPM on a lightly modified 340 V-8 engine. Horsepower gains (depending on boost levels, engine volumetric efficiency, etc) will be in the 30-75%+ range.

System Contents:

These systems include: a cast aluminum carburetor enclosure assembly (for the use with Holley #4150 type, Quick Fuel Q-750 BAN or Demon 650 MD 4-BBL carburetor, mechanical secondaries, .120 needle and seat (plus nitrophyll float set). The enclosure pressurizes the float bowls and throttle shafts for seamless response and correct air/fuel ratio. It features front and rear -8 AN fuel inlet ports as well as multiple locations for pressure/vacuum connections. Linkage arms, splined shaft and left/right hand spherical rod ends are included for simple throttle connection and adjustment.

Also included: the 10-rib supercharger drive system with necessary belts and pulleys (for use in V-belt set-up), billet aluminum mounting plate configuration for alternator and supercharger drive assembly; aluminum discharge tube with bypass valve and high-flow air filter.

Note: A larger CFM carburetor may be required for custom high horsepower applications

Tuner kits do not include carburetor enclosure for custom applications, (i.e. high rise intake manifolds). Please see Paxton website for optional components.

Applications include 1967-1976 A-body models such as Dart, Duster, Demon, Scamp, Valiant and 1967-1969 Plymouth Barracuda with 318, 340 and 360 Small block V-8s.

Installation Notes:

  1. A replacement hood or hood modifications may be required. To determine under hood clearance, measure the carb enclosures height of 7 1/2 to the top of your intake manifold.
  2. A custom fuel line assembly will be required for your carburetor. Theses include custom bent stainless steel lines, billet ~8 bulkhead adapter with fuel pressure port and plug, -8/-6 junction tee, aluminum swivel hose ends and USCG approved fuel hose.
    • #8M110-020 Holley 4150-Type (w/dual metering blocks) & Quick Fuel carburetor
    • #8M110-030 Demon Carburetor
  3. High-volume, boost referenced fuel pump is not included and will be required.
  4. An optional aftermarket ignition amplifier is recommended, but not required.
  5. Accessory v-belts will vary per application depending on accessory configuration and pulley diameters.
  6. Vehicle throttle cable/arm modifications may be required.

These systems are not 50-state smog legal. Supercharged horsepower and torque data shown is a calculated estimate based on percentage increases from actual rear wheel hp/tq measurements. Specifications are subject to change.

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