Paxton NOVI 2200SL Supercharger


Mounting Tilt
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Product Summary

Specifically designed for higher output on the modular Ford Mustang engines. Superior 75% peak efficiency. Ideal for latest generation of improved breathing, high-power street and strip engines.

The NOVI 2200 combines the advanced technology and race-proven performance and fits most existing Paxton and Vortech mounting bracketry. The NOVI 2200SL features our exclusive D-port volute for improved efficiency. May require the use of a Vortech Racing Bypass Valve or larger to meet discharge flow demands.

Performance Specs

Internal Step-Up Ratio: 3.61:1
Max Speed: 52,000 RPM
Max Boost: 27 PSI
Max Flow: 1,450 CFM
Max Power: 1,000 HP
Peak Efficiency: 76%


Discharge OD: 3.0"
Inlet OD: 4.0"
Discharge ID: 2.64"
Inducer Diameter: 3.486"

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