V-13 94C Supercharger


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Product Summary

Vortech Engineering is proud to announce the release of the V-13 94C, an all billet heavy duty gear case, centrifugal supercharger.  The V-13 is the real deal; an actual “big power in a compact compressor”, and it is here today. Designed to be a direct upgrade for those looking for the next logical horsepower step beyond the legendary V-7 Supercharger units, the V-13 94C is a continuation of durable, high efficiency Supercharger compressor stages that has kept Vortech as the top choice of horsepower enthusiasts all over the world for generations. 

Performance Specs

Internal Step-Up Ratio: 3.45:1
Max Speed: 65,000 RPM
Max Boost: 35+ PSI
Max Flow: 1,950+ CFM
Max Power: 1,500+  HP
Peak Efficiency: 78%


Discharge OD: 3.0"
Inlet OD: 4.0"
Inducer Diameter: 3.70"

Notable Upgrades

Billet Machined Gear Case and Cover

Larger Impeller Shaft for Impeller Stability at Higher RPM

Larger impeller Bearings for Higher Horsepower Loads

Impeller Design shared with Vortech's Proven V-30 94C Race Supercharger.

The V-13 is a Universal Fit Supercharger that Shares the same bolt pattern all previously manufactured Vortech/Paxton small gearcase superchargers. 

The V-13 is a direct upgrade to almost every application that doesn’t have a tensioner mounted to the supercharger. 

  • Straight cut spur gear
  • Available only with straight discharge

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