Stillen 2007 Nissan VQ35 350Z Dual Throttle Body Supercharger Systems

The products depicted on this page are for informational purposes only, and are not for sale directly through Vortech or Paxton Superchargers. This page is dedicated to the 2007 Nissan VQ35 350Z Dual Throttle Body Supercharger Systems manufactured by our 3rd Party Manufacturer - Stillen. To purchase the products depicted on this page, please contact our 3rd Party Manufacturer - Stillen.

Continuing with the success of the STILLEN supercharger system for the Nissan VQ37 (370Z), STILLEN is proud to offer the VQ35 dual throttle body 350Z supercharger kit. The VQ35 Supercharger shares most of the same components found in the VQ37 kit, and designed as a direct bolt-on to the 3.5L.

This supercharger system took over a year to develop and involves some revolutionary designs. This supercharger system offers you easy upgradability and installation without requiring a hood replacement to complete the installation!

The STILLEN supercharger bumps the power output to over 450 horsepower with lots of room to grow!

Some of the more noteworthy features of the supercharger are:

Air-to-water charge cooler: By redesigning the intake manifold we were able to incorporate the intercooler inside the manifold, thus allowing us to cool the air charge immediately before the air enters the engine. Additionally, the front mounted heat exchanger does not block the airflow supplying cool air to other vital coolers such as the radiator, engine oil cooler, transmission cooler, power steering cooler or the A/C condenser. Because water is more than 4 times more efficient at dissipating heat than air, we are able to utilize a more compact heat exchanger to cool the water.

** Individual results will vary based on the baseline of the stock engine, type of dynamometer used, temperature, elevation, fuel and various other factors.

For more information on this system, and others from this Third Party Manufacturer, click the following link: Stillen.