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February 27th 2018 - Channel Islands, CA

Vortech Maxflow Plug-And-Play Fuel Pump Voltage Booster Packages


The modern performance vehicles need a reliable, uncomplicated way to get more fuel delivery at increased output and performance levels. With the Maxflow Fuel Pump Voltage Boosters from Vortech, that extra fuel you need is not only available, but now in a plug and play package that makes installation easier than ever. The additional fuel you need, from the source you trust for the highest quality products in the industry for over 28 years.

Features and Benefits:

  • - Designed to increase street or racing fuel pump output by 50+%.
  • - Advanced, state of the art microcontroller design and SMD layout for high reliability.
  • - Microprocessor controlled voltage output. Provides stable voltage to fuel pump, regardless of battery input voltage.
  • - Fused (40a) input simplifies installation and provides pump protection.
  • - Multi-phase circuitry for maximum (>90%) efficiency.
  • - Extruded aluminum housing designed for superior thermal management.
  • - Plug and play harness to allow seamless installation.
  • - Included bracket for simple mounting (2015-2018 Package, pictured above)

Part Numbers:

P/N #5A102-030     Standard Voltage Booster Assembly, Universal     $269.99

P/N# 5A102-036     2015-2018 Ford Mustang Plug And Play Voltage Booster Package     $329.99

P/N# 5A102-037     2011-2014 Ford Mustang Plug And Play Voltage Booster Package     $319.99

P/N# 5A102-038     2005-2010 Ford Mustang Plug And Play Voltage Booster Package     $310.99


Visit VORTECHSUPERCHARGERS.COM for additional info.

Vortech Engineering, an AirPower Group company, engineers efficient, high technology air management solutions for automotive, marine, industrial, aeronautical, and other motorsports applications.


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