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Just as technology continues to evolve, things within the automotive industry also continues to evolve with it. The Performance Racing Industry Show (PRI for short), has become the preferred trade show for those that are interested in the performance side of the automotive industry. Naturally, Vortech and Paxton Superchargers were there, speaking to all manner of enthusiasts about what efficient boost is all about.

Front and center in the Vortech booth was this Steve Morris Engines-built 527 cubic inch engine, with billet block and cylinder heads, and a massive new Vortech V-30 131A Supercharger driven via a Component Drive Systems (CDS) gear drive setup. The new V-30 131A Supercharger is one of the newest units in the V-30 Race Series of Superchargers. The 131A is good for well over 3,000 horsepower, and easily eclipses the efficiency and output capability of much larger competitor's offerings.


Also new from Vortech is the V-15/V-17 Supercharger with all new, all billet gearcase. With fully streetable compressor stages from 1,000 to 2,500+ horsepower, there will soon be absolutely no reason to look anywhere else for whatever your boosted desires require. 

The new V-30 94B-11 Supercharger features a newly designed impeller to maximize this compressor stage, specifically for use in the Renegade Racing class of the NMRA. The 11 blade count has shown significant improvement over existing current designs.

Also for the nostalgic street enthusiast comes the V-3 Heritage Series Superchargers, with the glorious sound of the original 1990 V-1 Vortech gears in a self-lubricated supercharger package. Relive the good-ol'-days with the whine you grew up loving.

Also on display were the same V-30 Race Series Superchargers that have been smashing class records and winning championships all season. The V-30 94A, 94B, 105A, 112A, 123A, and the rest of the V-30 Race Series units are ready to help catapult you to the winner's circle. Utilizing multiple advances in compressor design technology that surpass all other offerings on the market, the Vortech V-30 Race Superchargers are just another reason why Vortech has been the Gold Standard in Supercharging for over 25 Years.


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