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There are plenty of guys out there that are fast. There may even be some fast guys out there that are humble. However, when you talk about record-setting fast guys that are humble, generous, family men that are just as legendary at the track for their food spread in the pits as they are for their accomplishments behind the wheel, then you can only be talking about Kenny Hubbard.

Growing up in Texas and starting wrenching cars early in High School, Hubbard made a name for himself in the radial world by becoming the first person to hit the 4.20s on drag radials in 2012 in a roots-blown HEMI-powered F-Body Camaro. More recently, Kenny has been bringing home wins in X275 with his bright orange nitrous-powered '74 Chevy Nova.

Now, with the help of Naiser Racing Engines, Evolution Race Development, and Vortech Superchargers, Hubbard is heading in a new direction. The process of rebuilding the Nova includes putting the car on a serious diet and removing as much weight as possible. The lighter package will benefit from the reliable, linear boost from a Vortech V-30 102A Supercharger.

Speaking with LSX Magazine recently, Hubbard stated “The biggest advantage of going to a blower like this is that we will be able to run at a lighter weight, giving us more tuning options in all conditions with the car. The blower is also more linear with its power, and that will make it easier to bring the power in versus our old nitrous setup. Vortech has been great to deal with so far and extremely helpful since day one. Lance has always answered my calls and assisted in getting everything going on the right track”.

With a record-setting driver, pulling lots of weight out of an already-fast car, and changing power adders to the most efficient and reliable option available today? You know the X275 crowd are shaking in their boots. Sure, they'll still come by the pits for some of Kenny's Mom's famous eggrolls...but they might stay a little longer to check out this potent new Vortech Supercharged package before they have to line up next to it.

Thanks and photo credit to LSX Magazine.


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