Paxton NOVI 1220 Supercharger


  • Ideal for latest generation of improved breathing, high-power street and strip engines
  • Vastly improved flow and efficiency at high boost levels, providing completely new levels of power gain
  • Helical gear design with 3.6:1 step-up
  • The V-3 supercharger can be installed into any existing Vortech V-1, V-2, V-4 or V-7 bracketry
  • Includes remote fluid drain hose (attached to supercharger) that allows for simple fluid changes without removing the supercharger from the vehicle
  • A ventilated gear case assembly eliminates any potential internal pressure issues that are currently associated with non-vented competitive designs
  • Integrated gear case baffling for proper oil control
  • Simple oil slinger design does not require separate shaft or bearing set. This provides proper fluid delivery to gears and bearings
  • Superchargers are factory pre-filled with our special synthetic fluid.
  • Integrated dipstick for simple fluid checks
  • Superchargers exceeding 6 PSI require a Vortech Standard Bypass Valve or a Vortech Maxflow Race Bypass/Blowoff Valve.
  • Superchargers exceeding 10 PSI require a higher capacity valve, such as a Vortech Maxflow Race Bypass/Blowoff Valve, Vortech Mondo Bypass Valve, or Vortech BV57 Valve.

  • $3,027.99
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    Product Summary

    Equivalent to the Vortech V-2 SCi-Trim model, the NOVI 1220 with its highly advanced computer designed gears feature an optimized helical profile which allows for quieter operation while providing superior performance. All NOVI 1220 units feature a 3.6:1 internal step-up ratio and are direct bolt-on replacements for Vortech V-1, V-2, or V-3 units. The supercharger uses the quieter helical cut gears (3.61:1 ratio). The NOVI 1220 Supercharger is capable of up to 725HP on modified vehicles. Superior 75% peak efficiency. Ideal for latest generation of improved breathing, high-power street and strip engines.

    Performance Specs

    Internal Step-Up Ratio: 3.61:1
    Max Speed: 53,000 RPM
    Max Boost: 17 PSI
    Max Flow: 1,050 CFM
    Max Power: 725 HP
    Peak Efficiency: 75%

    Performance specs apply to units equipped with standard gearcase.


    Discharge OD: 2.75"
    Inlet OD: 3.5"
    Discharge ID: 2.38"
    Inducer Diameter: 3.1"
    • Helical cut gear profile with SQ technology
    • Near silent operation
    • Available with straight or curved discharge

    Part numbers below do not include drive pulley

    8.75" Wide, 9.44" Tall, 5.52" Deep (not including input shaft)


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