Paxton Mopar Big Block 440 Carbureted Supercharger Systems


Includes PowerHat & Discharge Components
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Product Summary

These are universal supercharger kits designed for vehicles equipped with carbureted big block Dodge 440 RB engines. Supplied pulley ratio will produce approximately 5-6 psi at 6000 RPM on a lightly modified 440c.i. engine. Horsepower gains (depending on boost levels, engine volumetric efficiency etc.): 30-75%+.

Designed for OEM Dodge Twin V-Groove Accessory Crank Pulley

The supplied crank pulley is designed to work with the OEM Dodge twin V-groove accessory crank pulley. For correct belt alignment, the proper accessory drive crank pulley must be used.

Fuel Pump and 4150 Carburetor Required

This universal system requires the installer to source a high volume fuel pump and a properly jetted 4150 style carburetor unit (with mechanical secondaries). Vehicle throttle cable/arm modifications may be required. A replacement hood or hood modifications may be required depending upon the type of intake manifold and carburetor enclosure / bonnet installed on the engine.

Included Components

  • Novi 1500 supercharger (CW rotation; curved discharge) with 10-rib 3.47" diameter pulley
  • Twin billet aluminum mounting plates for rigid supercharger attachment with all necessary hardware
    • Integrated manual belt tensioner with dual bearing billet aluminum idler
    • OEM alternator mounting provisions
  • Supercharger drive assembly:
    • Billet aluminum supercharger crank pulley with hard anodize finish (7" diameter)
    • 10-rib drive belt, spacer and all necessary hardware
  • Supercharger oil feed assembly
  • Supercharger oil drain assembly
  • 4" aluminum inlet ducting with silicone sleeves, stainless clamps and cone-type high-flow filter
  • 3.5" aluminum discharge tube with silicone sleeves and stainless clamps
  • Aluminum race bypass valve with tube and mounting flange (not included in 1201860-1 / 1201860-1P tuner kits). Note: supplied compressor bypass valve installation requires welding in installer specified location
  • Cast aluminum carburetor hat / bonnet (not included in 1201860-1 / 1201860-1P tuner kits). Note: requires properly prepared 4150 Holley or Demon Carburetor modified for use in œblow-thru applications

Installation time

4-10 hours depending on application

Optional Components

The following is a list of parts that are not included, but may be required for complete system operation:

  • Properly prepared Holley 4150 series 4 barrel carburetor with mechanical secondaries or Demon carburetor (may require re-jetting/minor modification)
  • High-performance fuel pump and fuel pressure regulator (boost referenced)
  • Accessory v-belts (will vary per application depending on accessory configuration and supercharger pulley diameters)
  • Supercharger pulleys: contact technical department for proper application match
    • 4MA031-312: 3.12" diameter 10 rib driven pulley
    • 4MA031-333: 3.33" diameter 10 rib driven pulley
    • 4MA031-347: 3.47" diameter 10 rib driven pulley
    • 4MA031-360: 3.60" diameter 10 rib driven pulley
    • 4MA018-051: 7.00" diameter 10 rib drive (crank) pulley
  • Compressor bypass valve and flange (for higher boost applications)
    • 8D103-001 Mondo bypass valve
    • 8D003-052 Mondo bypass weld-on flange (aluminum)
    • 8D205-003 BV57 bypass valve
    • 8D005-051 BV57 bypass weld-on flange (aluminum)
  • Aftermarket ignition amplifier (not required, but recommended)
    • 5A101-014 MSD 6AL-BTM ignition amplifier box w/ timing retard

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