V-30 131B Supercharger


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Product Summary

The V-30 131B Supercharger is a new compressor, larger than any previous compressor stage in the V-20 or V-30 line, and features a plethora of cutting-edge technology, including its technologically advanced, high-efficiency, 5-Axis machined billet impeller and high-diffusion housing developed in our SAE-J1723-compliant supercharger test cell.

Built to address the needs of the over 1,000HP racer, the V-30 is a clean sheet design that incorporates many years of racing compressor knowledge. The patented design employs a unique impeller shaft support system that is robust enough to endure the speeds and accelerations associated with high horsepower drag racing and the durability to perform well in the offshore boat-racing world. The modular design allows fitment of a wide range of compressor stages. All V-30 series superchargers share a 4.21:1 internal step-up ratio and are engine oil lubricated or an auxiliary system can be fabricated. Like the V-1 family, the V-30 can have different compressor stages.

Performance Specs

Internal Step-Up Ratio: 4.21:1
Max Speed: 65,000 RPM
Max Boost: 58+ PSI
Max Flow: 5,000+ CFM
Max Power: 3,500+ HP
Peak Efficiency: 75%+


Discharge OD: 4.0"
Inlet OD: 6.0"
Inducer Diameter: 5.129"

The V-30 131B supercharger is designed to provide up to 45+ PSI in extreme drag racing applications. Recommended to racers who are building for 5-second ET's in Pro-Mod and Limited Drag Radial racing classes.

Other, less efficient superchargers may be able to provide equal or greater levels of boost, but do so at higher discharge temperatures and with greater parasitic power loss.

Racers who switch from a competing supercharger to the 131B will be capable of lower ET's and faster top speeds due to its higher efficiency, lower discharge temperatures, and greater power potential.

The extreme durability of the V-30 supercharger design allows a single head unit to be used for multiple quarter-mile passes before being replaced, under the same conditions that cause competing superchargers to wear down and need replacement after one or two passes.

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